Buttigieg Discusses How Transportation Has Changed, Flying Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is sitting down to talk about the future of travel and how flying has changed as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the nation.

During an interview on “Axios on HBO,” Buttigieg was asked how the pandemic has permanently changed transportation.

“It’s too soon to know for sure, but I think it’s safe to say that our old patterns of life… our 9 to 5, Monday through Friday commuting patterns are not going to be exactly the same,” he said.

Buttigieg was then asked how that will change the way his department operates.

“We think trains, planes, and automobiles. But what about bikes, scooters — wheelchairs, for that matter?” he explained.

Watch his interview below:

He continued, “Roads aren’t only for vehicles. We gotta make sure that pedestrians and individuals and bicyclists and businesses can all coexist on the same roadway.”

Buttigieg went on to weigh in on whether travelers should be required to get a COVID test before they fly.

“There’s an active conversation with the CDC right now. What I can tell you is, it’s going to be guided by data, by science, by medicine, and by the input of the people who are actually going to have to carry this out,” he said.

Buttigieg added, “The safer we can make air travel, in terms of perception as well as reality, the more people are going to be ready to get back in the air.”

He indicated on Thursday the White House, Congress, and stakeholders are having “very active” conversations about providing assistance to the division, as IJR reported.

Public transit systems will only receive $20 billion as a part of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

Airline unions are asking for assistance with payroll to the tune of $15 billion.

Bus and ferry companies are seeking $40 billion, $18 billion is being requested by state transportation departments, Amtrak is hoping for $1.5 billion, airports are looking for $17 billion, and public transit is asking for $39.3 billion.

“They should be all taken seriously because this is about making sure we get the transportation sector back on its feet,” Buttigieg said during a phone interview. “Just about everybody needs help getting back to pre-COVID levels.”


  1. He’ll use govt. funded transport like most of the useless politicians.

    Biden’s entire Cabinet is made up of the losers from the campaign trail.

  2. OK, Butt Gag. You ‘important’ people can afford electric cars, private planes, segways, yachts, etc. The regular folks can’t afford new cars, triple gas prices, soaring electric bills, air tickets, cruises. What an entitled little snark you are! Lurch Kerry NEEDS his private jet because he has to fly all over the world pushing climate panic and committing treason with Iran and China. Mark Ruffalo says he doesn’t fly private jet unless he has to go to work or have an on-board business meeting. AOC, caught flying, also said she had to get to work. Streisand had to fly private jet so she could bring her 5 dogs with her. Paris Accord members fly private jets or cruise on yacht. The US and the EU pay dues to the Paris Accord. China, India and Russia do not and they are the worst polluters.. The Accord cannot force any county to pay dues or enact climate policies. It’s trash. It’s more virtue signalling for leftists. Kerry, who should chokebon a ketchup bottle. He said if the US want down to zero carbon emissions, it still wouldn’t matter. Why then is Xiden killing pipelines and jobs? That’s what the elitists want: impoverish us, disarm us, take away our religions and our right’s, and become slaves.
    And 8 years until the earth is doomed? Pure BS to make us weaker. Please look up VIJAY S, an actual climatologist. Sea levels are going up 1/3 of an inch per year. Water lines and history show that this is not the highest level in the blast 300 years. There are not more rains, floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, or typhoons now than in the past. Climate panic is moronic. Read VIJAY, and NASA information on climate.
    Then look up Dr Jonathan Hockett, Law Professor, Cornell University and the true author of the Green New Deal (GND). You may ask why is a Law Professor writing climate polices and and laws? Hockett was on Tucker and stared: the GND has NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE OR GLOBAL WARMING. It is instead ‘an attempt to push the country in the RIGHT direction, which to a socialist is far, far LEFT. Policies include $15 min wage, guaranteed minimum income of $2000 a month if you don’t want to work, building low income projects in the suburbs, running public utilities, endorse Medicare for All, give ‘free college’ for 2 years, taking private property and wealth….on and on. A socialist dream, like Cuba. Watch the Tucker show, look Hockett and VIJAY up. Resist climate panic. Shi*-can Kerry, Greta, Paris Accord, WHO and the UN. Sue the Xiden administration. It is not by the people or for the people. Xiden is a confused old sod and can’t stand up to Putin, Xi, Kim Jong or Rouhani. Hell, he can’t even stand up to saints in the squad. Hyena Harris is much worse.

    1. Janis you should be in politics if you aren’t already. You are very well informed but definitely one sided.
      If both parties work together for a change we could be a great nation again.
      There’s a much larger much more cynical world approach that I’ve learned a lot about recently and it’s Bad! They’re not dems or pubs they’re both! We can sit around and talk about these “little” issues but I hope people begin to dig deeper and learn about the dreadful world domination lurking……and already in process
      Scary dark sheet
      Dig deep
      You’ll find it

  3. Ho ho. Recall that so much of the other parts of Joe Biden’s agenda would require no transportation at all. Example: That ‘Green New Deal’ means an end to air travel. Generally, the best way to not spew climate change gases is to not go anywhere. (But we will spend billions of tax dollars so that those workers can stand there, be ready, and not work.)

  4. Give the money to the people who are suffering. Cities, counties, and states can rely on taxes.

    1. Except the taxpayers are tapped out. But the Democrats still think the solution is to “raise the taxes”. While they claim that “only the rich will be taxed” they think RICH is anything over a 100k a year.

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