Capitol Police Officer: Attacks on Credibility Hurt 'Just As Much As' Capitol Riot


Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn is speaking out following his testimony before the January 6th select committee amid criticism from Fox News hosts.

“You know what hurts more than — or just as much as — what happened on January 6th, the attacks? The attacks on our credibility and that we’re lying and that we don’t love our country and we’re fake police officers, and we’re not real cops,” Dunn said during an appearance on CNN Wednesday night.

Specifically, mentioning Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham and the Tucker Carlson, Dunn added, “An act? That was an act? Wow… It’s frustrating. It’s more than frustrating. It makes you so angry but unwavered.”

Dunn argued “everybody’s allowed to have a different political view. That’s what makes America America.”

Watch Dunn’s interview below:

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Lemon chimed in, “You’ve become, for right-wing media…a punching bag. People say, ‘Well, you’re not like everyone else.’ Basically saying you’re not a real police officer.”

Dunn responded, “I’m not a street cop. I’m not going to pretend to be. The officers in Portland and Minnesota and Seattle and across the country that went through hell, my heart goes out to them.”

He continued, “They didn’t deserve any of the stuff they went through. And a lot of people want to say, ‘what about those guys?’ They are freaking heroes, too. They deserve credit. They deserve honor. They deserve respect.”

The Capitol police officer acknowledged other police officers who faced “Antifa and the vicious rioters.”

He said they “absolutely deserve the credit and respect, those officers do. They don’t deserve it. Just like on January 6th. It seems like it can’t be this and this. It has to be this or that. It’s both of them. Why can’t both things exist? Both things are true.”

Dunn wondered if appearing with his “arm in a sling” would earn him more credibility.

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