'The Chosen' Actors Raise Eyebrows with Responses to LGBT Flag Controversy: 'This Is Not Going to Go Well for You'


A storm is brewing after cast members of the TV show “The Chosen” rebuked those asking what a rainbow flag representing the LGBT movement was doing on the set of a television series about the life of Jesus.

The controversy began when a promotional video for Season 4 of the series included an image of a small rainbow flag attached to a piece of equipment, apparently being displayed by one of the crew as videographers recorded a scene, according to The Daily Wire.

Turning Point USA contributor Jon Root asked about it, and was told through the show’s official Twitter account that the series respects whatever anyone happens to believe, The Daily Wire reported.

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“Just like our hundreds of cast and crew who have different beliefs (or no belief at all) than we do, we will work with anyone on our show who helps us portray or honor the authentic Jesus,” the Twitter account states.

The flag appears for about four seconds, starting at the 25-second mark of a video that runs almost seven minutes.

The whole video is below:

The show’s Twitter response to Root, posted Tuesday, provoked anger and social media talk of a possible boycott of the show.

Will you watch “The Chosen” going forward?

Two actors on the show then took to social media to take on the critics.

“As one of the actors on The Chosen, I am so proud of the love and acceptance displayed on our set every day. That’s not going to change no matter what some hateful critics say,” Jordan Ross, who plays the apostle known as “Little James,” wrote in a Twitter post Tuesday night.

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Actor Giavani Cairo, who plays the disciple Thaddeus, also weighed in.

In a Wednesday tweet, Ross turned up the heat.

“My brother @GCairo06 isn’t the only one who stands by the LGBTQ members of our Chosen family get outta here with your hate, homophobia and ignorance. Not very Jesus-like of you, Jonny,” he wrote in a Twitter post.

But other social media users fired back, posting tweets with comments like: “That tells me you don’t know the Bible,” “I’ll never spend another dime on this show,” and “This is not going to go well for you or The Chosen.”

At The Federalist, staff writer Jordan Boyd called the show’s response disappointing.

“Maybe a miniature pride flag on camera equipment shouldn’t discount the incredible work ‘The Chosen’ team is doing in bringing the Gospel to life. The show’s unwillingness to do anything but endorse the flag on set, however, does,” she wrote.

“In this day and age, there’s no such thing as moral neutrality. Unfortunately, the decision by ‘The Chosen’ and its openly Christian creators not to stand with its audience against the aggressive agenda of rainbow activists means, in a way, it has taken a stand against them.”

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