Chris Christie Accuses Republicans of Trying to Score ‘Political Points’ by Going Along With Election Lies

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is blasting Republicans who went along with President Donald Trump’s false election claims to win “political points.”

Christie argued during his appearance on ABC’s “This Week” the election “was not stolen” and “all of the facts point in that direction.”

“While every election has some irregularities, and I’m sure this one did too, there were no type of irregularities that would’ve changed the result in any one state let alone the four states that would need to have been changed for the result of the election to have been changed,” Christie said.

He continued, “Folks in my party who were doing that, quite frankly, are just trying to make political points with those people who the president and others lied to about this over the course of the ten weeks after the election and it’s shameful that they’re doing it.”

Check out his comments below:

Some Republicans still refuse to admit the election was not stolen, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), as IJR reported.

“Well, what I would say is that the debate over whether or not there was fraud should occur,” Paul said during an appearance on ABC’s “The Week” on Sunday.

Host George Stephanopoulos pressed him on whether he can “just say the words, ‘This election was not stolen’?”

Paul replied, “What I would suggest is that if we want greater confidence in our elections, and 75% of Republicans agree with me, is that we do need to look at election integrity.”

He went on to claim there is a “great deal of evidence of fraud and changing of the election laws illegally.”

During the “Save America March” earlier this month, Trump reiterated his false claim the election was stolen, as IJR previously reported.

“You don’t concede when there’s theft involved,” Trump said.


  1. The evidence is clear those of the Trump Party WANT TO BE LIED TO! WHY else would anyone return to a source they are aware has repeatedly lied to them? Lies of no significant consequences and LIES of major significance.

    1. The Birther thing was simply absurd–but it endangered the lives of a POTUS and his family.
    2. The “Lock Her Up” was based on the premise that there was a law against using a private server. The first attempt to hack the server was the evening Trump publicly asked the Russians to hack the Clinton’s private server. Unlike the U.S. government and the RNC and DNC servers the Russian attempts were unsuccessful with the Clinton server hacking.
    3. The Seth Rich hacked the DNC server and Hillary had him killed lie would probably still be chanted if the family had not threatened to sue FOX News.
    4. The “NO collusion NO obstruction” was a lie and only still chanted by those afraid to actually READ the Mueller Report.
    5. The Mueller investigation ORDERED BY TRUMP’S DEPUTY AG, was a “Democrat witch hunt.”
    6. Ivy league educations, teleprompters, golfing, family vacations, and tan suits were evil.—the truly insignificant lies told. The hypocrisy just made you look silly.
    7. Obamacare was “socialized medicine” and would bring about the apocalypse. Again, just made you look obtuse.
    8. Tax cuts pays for themselves. After proven not to be so by Reagan, GHW Bush, GW Bush, and Gov. Brownback, believing it again made you look willingly gullible.
    9. COVID was a “Democrat hoax.” A hoax does not kill over 411,000 Americans.
    10. Believing massive voter fraud in 2020 was to be be expected after conservative media touted this claim without providing a shred of evidence for decades.

    The crowd that WANTED to be told LIES finally fled FOX News when the decision desk had the audacity to call Arizona for Biden on Nov 3rd. Now all the previous proven to be false accusations kept FOX News viewers watching.—BUT the honest moment, drove many of their viewers away. The only consequence at FOX News for spreading the “massive voter fraud” lies was the firing of Chris Stirewalt responsible for calling AZ for Biden. HELLO, FOX viewers, check the electoral college results: AZ’s 11 electoral college votes went to BIDEN.

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