Chris Christie Argues Trump's Incitement of Capitol Violence Is an 'Impeachable Offense'


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is sharing his thoughts on whether President Donald Trump’s actions leading up to the siege at the U.S. Capitol amount to an impeachable offense.

“What we had was an incitement to riot at the United States Capitol. We had people killed, and to me, there’s not a whole lot of question here,” Christie said during his appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

George Stephanopoulos pressed Christie on whether he believes it is an impeachable offense.

“Oh sure, yeah,” Christie added.

He asked Christie if he would vote to impeach Trump.

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“If I think it’s an impeachable offense that’s exactly what I would do,” Christie replied.

He continued, “If inciting to insurrection isn’t, then I don’t really know what is.”

Check out his comments below:

He called it a “national disgrace” that the White House flag is not at half-staff for the officer who lost his life during the riots at the Capitol.

“If we’re having to fit of pique, and that’s why we’re not putting a flag at half-staff, it’s just another example of why people think that these decisions are not being made on the merits,” Christie explained.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) indicated during her press conference on Thursday, Democrats would pursue impeachment if Vice President Mike Pence did not invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, as IJR previously reported.

During a “60 Minutes” interview scheduled to air on Sunday night, Pelosi told CBS’s Leslie Stahl one of the motivations for impeachment is so Trump will not be able to run for president again in the future.

She said, “There is strong support in the Congress for impeaching the president a second time.”

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The House could begin the impeachment process mid-next week, as IJR previously reported.

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