Clyburn: Pursuing Trump Impeachment Over GA Call ‘Would Be a Waste of Our Time’

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) has his focus set on preparing for the incoming administration rather than pursuing impeachment over President Donald Trump’s phone conversation with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R).

CNN’s John Berman noted Trump asked Raffensperger to “flip” votes in an effort to overturn the results of the election. He also mentioned Democrats in the House who are calling for an impeachment investigation.

Berman asked Clyburn where he stands on the matter.

Clyburn responded, “It would be a waste of our time here in the House to pursue impeachment.”

“I suspect if all that I’ve heard on this tape is to be investigated there could very well be criminal charges brought by state and local governments down there in Georgia… and I would hope that that would be pursued,” the lawmaker added.

Watch his comments below:

He called on his colleagues to set their sights on the incoming administration and how they can work toward leading Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I would hope that the House of Representatives would spend its time concentrating on getting ready for this new administration and getting our House in order, in order to deliver for the American people, so that we can get beyond this pandemic,” Clyburn said.

He continued, “We have got to do something within the first 90 to 100 days to get people vaccinated, to get people comfortable with the vaccinations, and that’s where I think our energy ought to be.”

During his phone call with Raffensperger, Trump asked him to “find 11,780 votes” to overturn his defeat, as IJR previously reported.

Raffensperger later told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he “never believed it was appropriate to speak to the president, but he pushed out, I guess he had his staff push us. They wanted a call.”

On Monday, two Democratic representatives asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to investigate the call.


  1. Well, waste of time, AND TAXPAYER money AND, like ALL the other investigations against him, NO EVIDENCE!!! Asswipe!!!

  2. Surprise, surprise, a thinking Democrat!

    Jayjay: talk about brainwashed – Have you ever read the Constitution, specifically amendment 12

    1. Oh, you mean “the electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot….”
      They have Bernie girl and the numbers they certified says Biden won. You are obviously parroting the scam and false theory that Mafia Don won the election. Lol. Poor you..

    2. You’re wasting your time trying to educate the two here. They think they are comedians with the silly names and faux intellect.

      1. Funny that you mentioned “educate”, Surely.

        I twice ASKED for you to “educate” me, below. Why have you not attempted to “educate” me when given the PERFECT chance to do so?

        I am confused by people like you, for good reason.

  3. Jay….you are brainwashed if you actually believe your post. So supply proof for your claims. Not just hot air. I’ll give you some of the ways Mafia Don is undermining democracy and the Constitution:
    1. Trump has alleged voter fraud where there was none, spreading mistrust of US elections
    2. Trump has spread a conspiracy theory that there is a deep state inside the bureaucracy.
    3. Trump has undermined the FBI
    4. Trump has treated the country’s lawyers as his own.
    5. Trump has trashed US intelligence agencies
    6. Trump has attacked the courts
    7. Trump has tried to spend money without Congress
    8. Trump has hidden his business interests.
    9. Trump has pushed nationalism at the expense of our alliances.
    I could cite more if you like…

  4. It sure would be a waste of your time because you idiots edited it and put it back together to make it look shady, but its ok release a call between the president and the state is confidential and a crime so now we can laugh at ratburger

    1. I am confused, Jay.

      Who would have told you that lie? No, the circumstances around the release of the call are known and are NOT illegal. There was no confidentiality agreement to keep it private, either.

  5. Shirl. I think you’re leaving out the fact that Mafia Don is not a Constitutionalist. That means he does not support the Constitution in case you don’t know what that means. His actions have proven this countless times even though he has said otherwise. “Actions speak louder than words”. My grandpa always said.

    1. actually jayjay he is the only one following the constitution unlike all the hainous gross accounts of the democrats ignoring the constitution and their state constitutions. You are like in left field somewhere lol

  6. Impeachment. The go to word for Democrats when President Trump does anything or says anything they don’t like. It has lost its purpose.

    1. I am confused, Surely.

      What is it about what King Donald The Loser has done since the last election that YOU like? He has literally tried to do what he has continually accused others of doing – to overthrow a legitimate and certified election. What His Majesty is doing is called projection.

      That is not admirable (or legal) in ANY way, so why are you still supporting him? That makes NO sense.

  7. democrats playing their voters for stupid again. only play four minutes of heavily edited recording taken out of context. and the sheep refuse to listen to the rest

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