Crowd Laughs as Pelosi Is Unable to Find Her Speech


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) drew laughs from the crowd after struggling to find her speech.

During a bill signing ceremony at the White House, Pelosi headed to the podium to deliver her remarks but discovered she did not have her speech.

“Let me see,” Pelosi said while flipping through pages.

She added, “The president’s speech is here…I think I have the president’s speech here.”

Pelosi laughed and the crowd joined in.

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Biden stepped toward her, asking, “What’d you do with yours?”

The House speaker replied, “I don’t know what they did with it, but I can do without it.”

Someone proceeded to hand Pelosi her speech.

She responded, “Thank you.”

Biden added, “That’s helpful.”

The two laughed along with the audience after Pelosi said, “Mr. President.”

Watch the video below:

The moment with Pelosi’s speech was not the only one noticed by viewers during the ceremony.

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Biden himself struggled while delivering remarks after repeatedly coughing, as IJR reported.

The president signed the Chips and Science Act on Tuesday, granting $52 billion in subsidies to the semiconductor industry.

“Today is a day for builders. Today, America is delivering,” Biden said.

He continued, “I honest to God believe that 50, 75, 100 years from now people will look back on this week, they’ll know that we met this moment.”

Fox News noted the bill also includes $10 billion for investments in “regional innovation and technology hubs” across the country.

Additionally, it will increase investments in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.

The bill was passed by the Senate last week, with 17 Republicans voting in support of it.

The House later approved the bill, with 24 Republicans supporting it.

Biden said in a statement he was looking “forward to signing this bill into law.”

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