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Video Clip of Cruz Interview Sparks 'Toad Cruz' To Trend on Twitter: 'Ate That Fly'

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An interview for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) did not go completely as expected — or at least it appears.

A video clip of an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity in June 2019 shows Cruz suddenly having a disgusted expression on his face and proceeding to drink water.

Cruz had a frog in his throat that he was clearing at the time, according to Mediaite, but the clip resurfaced on Wednesday when it appeared with a fly crawling down Cruz’s face and into his mouth.

Watch the video below:

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The clip of Cruz’s interview sparked reaction on Twitter and caused the hashtag “Toad Cruz” to trend.

Check out some of the reactions below:

The clip was compared to the fly that was on former Vice President Mike Pence’s head during a previous debate.

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A fly was caught in the spotlight during the vice presidential debate on October 7, 2020, when it stayed on Pence’s head while he debated now-Vice President Kamala Harris.

That moment too stirred up reaction on social media, and several accounts on Twitter were created for the fly.

A tweet from user “MikePenceFly” read, “Everyone jealous because I got the best seat for the debate tonight.”

Harris previously spoke about the fly that went viral, sharing during an MSNBC interview that she saw the fly on Pence’s head during the debate.

Pence said that he learned from his children after the debate that there was a fly on his head.

“They all told me, ‘Dad, you did OK,’” Pence said during a Fox News interview. “But they did tell me about the fly. And it was a good laugh for all of us.”

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