Cruz Hits Back at Boehner for ‘Drunken, Bloviated Scorn’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is firing back at former House Speaker John Boehner (R) following his scathing interview with “CBS Sunday Morning.”

During the interview, Boehner went after Cruz, “I don’t beat anybody up. It’s not really my style. Except that jerk.”

He added, “Perfect symbol, you know, of getting elected, make a lot of noise, draw a lot of attention to yourself, raise a lot of money, which means you’re gonna go make more noise, raise more money, and it’s really, it’s unfortunate.”

Cruz took to Twitter to share the video and blast Boehner.

“The Swamp is unhappy. I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn. Please don’t cry,” Cruz wrote.

This is not the first time Boehner blasted Cruz. During an audiobook recording of his book “On the House: A Washington Memoir,” Boehner told Cruz, “Go f— yourself,” according to Axios.

During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, in February Cruz joked about the comment.

“You know yesterday, John Boehner made some news. He suggested that I do something that was anatomically impossible. To which my response was, who’s John Boehner?” Cruz said.

In 2016, Boehner called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” adding, “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

During the CBS interview, Boehner also took a swing at Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

“I just never saw a guy who spent more time tearing things apart and never building anything, never putting anything together,” Boehner said.

The former House speaker, in his book, also slammed former President Donald Trump for inciting “that bloody insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.


  1. Ah, so Boner has a new book to promote. What better way than to attack Republicans that did far more than Boner ever did. The cover of the book should have shown Boner crying with tear stains all over it. That useless RINO did nothing except compromise with the Democrats to give them uncontrolled spending and taxation. May he suffer a long and painful death with his buddy, Mad King Biden the Usurper and Divider.

  2. Boehner was drunk half the time as house leader. I could never stand him !!!

  3. Cruz hit the nail upon the head with “Ole Smokey Dipso” Boehner, the ultimate Swamp inhabitant.
    What’s the Ex-Speaker doing now? Profiting big time off of cannabis sales. What a legacy. We do not miss you!

  4. Sen. Ted Cruz not being a likable person is not a secret and John Boehner was not the first to express it out loud.
    If the freshman class of the House Republicans in the 117th Congress is examined, R’s in SEVERAL districts are not sending representatives to D.C. to legislate or solve problems. MTG has no committee assignments and she raised $3.2 in her first 3 months in Congress. In addition to spouting her QAnon conspiracies she is still spouting the debunked “election fraud” conspiracies her “fans” wish to hear. She has introduced a number of bills to ENTERTAIN her fans– Impeach Biden, Cut Dr. Fauci’s salary to $0, and Ban vaccine passports. I get it that a large segment of R’s don’t like Hollywood, NYC, Netflix, and other forms of entertainment where the actors’ salaries are paid by private funds—but legislators salaries are paid by TAXPAYERS.
    Madison Cawthorn did not bother to hire legislative staff–only communications staff. Lauren Bobert dropped out of high school in 2003 and attained a GED in 2020.

    As John Boehner can easily see, there are a number of R leaning districts-and even a few states, that look to Washington D.C. to provide ENTERTAINMENT because conservative media has told them “government does not work.”

    1. Do you think it works? Do you think Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer are running the country in a better direction now than Trump was doing?

      1. The only thing Trump ran was his mouth and his golf cart. Trump insulted Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz’s wife, Ted Cruz’s dad but that didn’t stop Ted from kissing Trumps ass, and it continues to this day. Boehner is correct.

        1. “The only thing Trump ran was his mouth and his golf cart”. ANOTHER JEWEL from our single-digit IQ commentator, donna. PLEASE DO NOT even ATTEMPT to act like you know ANYTHING about ANYTHING boehner has said OR done in the past.

          1. WHAT is the basis for your assertion that Donna’s IQ is lower than yours or that she would be unaware of Boehner’s past comments? I have read more of Donna’s comments than you have and she has exhibited no signs of memory loss.

          2. Stan…..You couldn’t refute anything that I wrote so you turned to insulting me (just like Trump would). I always consider the source of an insult and you must certainly carry a chip on your shoulder because you are uneducated and you feel inferior to everyone else. Time and time again you attack other commentators intelligence because you have none. Grow up.

      2. Of course I do. And what policy does not have majority support of the American people? The COVID stimulus package? The Infrastructure bill? Cabinet appointment? Handling of COVID pandemic?

        WHAT poll has Biden at the same levels of approval/disapproval as Trump had at ANY point in his 4 years? WHAT poll has approval or Pelosi and Schumer ANYWHERE NEAR the current MINUS 34.5 spread of Mitch McConnell?

        1. Syphilis – “The COVID stimulus package?” People wanted more money, plain and simple. It’s the way Democrats have been getting elected for decades. Purchased votes. “The Infrastructure bill?” Oh, you mean more bailout money for failed blue states and $900 Billion to piss away on green energy and electric vehicles. Again, buying votes. “Cabinet appointment?” Just because the Democrats bought control of the Senate doesn’t mean the cabinet appointments are any good. The Mad King’s appointments will do far more harm. “Handling of COVID pandemic?” The Mad King handled nothing. The vaccines were developed under President Trump’s influence. President Trump devised and set in motion the distribution. Stop lying. Biden, members of Congress, government officials, care workers and first responders were vaccinated before Mad King Biden the Usurper and Divider was inaugurated. Perhaps you can’t remember anything beyond yesterday or you just lie about it.

          Polls? Polls are subjective. They are fixed to make what you like favorable, what you don’t like, unfavorable. This is a fact, especially with the Democrat State Media running and reporting them. It was refreshing when you and the rest of the Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats were gone. It must have been that even liars like you realized that you had nothing positive that you could point to from the Mad King’s reign. In 2.5 months, he already done grave damage to the country and now he’s about to attack the Constitution and our rights, the workings of the Supreme Court and Congress.

    2. Syphilis – Why don’t you have a cry fest with Boner. Democrat government does not work. Just look to the last 2.5 months and the massive problems that Mad King Biden the Usurper and Divider has caused. He’s now going back on everything he said while campaigning. Dummies like you believed what he said during the campaign. He lied.

      He’s going to try to trash the Constitution and all our rights. He and his minions are going to change the Congress to give them ultimate control. He and his minions are going to rig the Supreme Court, by hook or by crook, to give them ultimate control. He and his minions control the Democrat State Media to brainwash half the country with their propaganda. The Mad King has opened the border to let millions of new Democrat voters in, subsidized by the American taxpayer. The only way America can be taken back is by drastic measures. Reference history.

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