De Blasio: It Is ‘Just a Matter of Time’ Until the Gyms and Indoor Dining Are Shutdown

State and local leaders around the country are implementing new restrictions on public life in a bid to curb the spread of the virus as the number of new cases reported per day continues to top 100,000.

On Wednesday, New York City officials announced that the city’s public school system would close after the test positivity rate rose to 3%. 

And on Thursday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said that there would likely be even more restrictions on public life. 

In a press conference, he said, “For everyone who honestly might feel somehow a little better if knew that indoor dining was going to close, or gyms were going to close, I’m sorry to tell you that for the sake of those business owners and everyone who loves those gyms and loves indoor dining it’s just a matter of time.”

“It’s very likely to be in the next week or two,” he added.

Watch the video below:

On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) was asked by a reporter why the state had not yet restricted indoor dining to help tamp down the spread of the virus in the state, and whether the state should reconsider its metrics for imposing new restrictions.

He noted that the test positivity rate for the coronavirus had not reached the limit set forth under his guidelines for closing indoor dining.

“We close at the lowest percentage in the nation, our calibration is the lowest,” Cuomo said.

New York was the epicenter of the outbreak in the spring but managed to curb the spread of the virus and prevent massive outbreaks over the summer.

However, as the cold weather set in, cases have begun to rise again. 

On Wednesday, the U.S. recorded 172,391 new coronavirus cases, and there has been an average of 162,816 cases per day over the past week. 

New York is far from alone in implementing new restrictions to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) imposed a one-month ban on indoor dining and gyms, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) implemented a three-week ban on indoor dining and gyms. 


  1. Gerald: bookmark your post below, so that you can come back to it in one year’s time, two year’s time, three year’s time, etc.

    You just might learn something about yourself.

  2. Loser Linda I’m sad you have a young person with you whom you’re poisoning with your negative incorrect rhetoric.
    I truly hope that young person recognizes your insanity and joins the good people who spread more carefully thought out ideas and ways of life.
    You probably won’t tell them what I said to you and what I hope for them and it wouldn’t be a surprise.
    Your type is on its way out obviously because your thoughts are unclear and when clear simply untrue. Follow the truth Linda it’ll set you free

  3. Ray the idiot libtards should be careful what they think is great because they may get it.

  4. June, I don’t think Red vs. Blue, I think right vs. wrong. That is what is dividing this country. Marxism, Socialism and Communism is wrong, and Demoncrats are of these beliefs.

  5. JayJay, you need to look at Trumps attempt to allow free speech, free will, religious freedom, etc. The Demoncrats spend all their time trying to impeach him and stop the freedom of citizens. Trump does attempt to curtail violence, crime and other criminal activities, but Demoncratic Mayors, Governors, Judges, etc. fight those attempts. I watched Trumps actions, and they were good for America. What makes you think these freedoms will continue under Bidet Biden? He will shut down all rights that we have in the Constitution. Except to riot, burn buildings, murder babies, etc. I would suggest you make a list of what Trump has actually done and see if they “trounce” the Constitution. If you don’t impart your bias, you may be surprised.

  6. Trump has proven to be the most anti democratic president and history will treat him as such. He’s a fascist dictator wanna be and in his four years has trounced on the constitution. To him rules are meant to be broken and sadly he has a group that believes every self serving lie that come out of his mouth! Suckers!!!

  7. WOW! For once, I actually concur with the first line of the
    Socialist from Minnesota, Corporal’s post! That’s saying a lot!
    But it’s still obvious who is the “village idiot!” ROTFL!

  8. Gerald, THAT is exactly what the Dems are trying to do!
    June, I wish so, however, that is easier said than done. In today’s world
    there are real Americans and then there are the anti-Americans
    who want to screw up our country and have it look nothing like
    the America we grew up in!
    While I tend to agree with you, Keith, I think the government has
    gotten to big for it’s britches! Corruption & lies have taken over!
    Here’s a valid question: Why isn’t the WORLD holding China accountable for the virus it knowingly unleashed on us? THEY SHOULD PAY FOR ALL
    It’s my humble opinion that the Democrats took this virus and politicized
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    No doubt I’ll be chastised for writing that by the Democrats who are on here. DON’T CARE!
    I am telling the truth!

  9. “Let the freakin’ virus run it’s coarse like every other virus in the past and people will do what’s right for themselves.” Keith

    No, Keith, herd mentality will kill many, many more people unnecessarily. You aren’t paying attention.

    “We don’t need you jerks minding our business and telling us what to do.” Keith

    Lots of people must be told what to do because so many people are village idiots and will either not look after themselves OR the innocent people around them who DON’T want to die so soon.

  10. Idiots!!!!! There’s going to come a point when people just ignore you MORONS and realize this has been for nothing. All your stupid restrictions haven’t do e a damn thing. If they did we wouldn’t have numbers going up again. Let the freakin’ virus run it’s coarse like every other virus in the past and people will do what’s right for themselves. We don’t need you jerks minding our business and telling us what to do.

  11. These comments are an example of how divided our country is. Stop thinking red and blue and change to fellow Americans. Change starts now

  12. What the Democrats in places they control are trying to do is crash the Trump recovery so Biden will take over an economy in recession. They are trying to recreate the Obama economic model of a stagnate recovery that they can blame on Trump and use as an excuse to push their globalist agenda.

  13. Cuomo will have to hurry to keep up with the other Dem gov’s to show how tough he is.

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