Elon Musk Publicly Hangs Jimmy Fallon Out to Dry After Viral Hashtag Sends the Internet Ablaze


This might be the best thing Elon Musk has done since taking over Twitter — ignoring Jimmy Fallon.

Yesterday, the hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon went viral. The only problem with that, of course, was the Fallon was still alive. (He still is today, so far as I know.)

Fallon, either annoyed by the hashtag or perhaps just playing along, tweeted at Musk, asking for help.

Musk was not quite as helpful as Fallon might have hoped.

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About three hours later, Musk tweeted at @CommunityNotes, apparently suggesting that the new pilot program designed to combat misinformation on the platform could help.

I sort of hope they leave it alone, because the tweets — both before Musk’s involvement and after — have made my day so far.

Do you think Jimmy Fallon is funny?

Here are just a few that caught my fancy, either because I found them particularly amusing or because I’m simply floored at the amount of work some people will put into a tweet. (It’s all I can do to remember to proofread mine … and I don’t always do that.) You can go here if you’re interested in seeing more.

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Ligma, if you don’t know, is a fictional disease made up for such a time as this — death hoaxes on the interwebs. But the real question about this tweet is: What’s up with Fallon’s hair?

This one made me laugh, probably because my kids watched so much of this cartoon back in the day:

And finally, I don’t know why, but this one made me laugh hard.

At any rate, it appears that Musk is trying to make good on his promise that comedy is now legal again on Twitter, although I’m not sure much of a consolation that is to Jimmy Fallon.

Not that I can claim to care much, since I spend most of my time ignoring Jimmy Fallon.

Just like Elon Musk.

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