Nigel Farage Reacts to Rishi Sunak Becoming New PM: 'A Globalist if Ever I Saw One'


The man known as the “Father of Brexit” is sounding off against the United Kingdom’s unelected new prime minister.

Nigel Farage criticized Rishi Sunak on Tuesday in a monologue on GBNews, the British news network, rejecting the establishment politician as a “globalist” and opportunist and outlining “my problem with him.”

“Our first Goldman Sachs former employee as prime minister. A globalist if ever I saw one,” Farage said of Sunak, hitting Sunak for supporting tax increases and his personal inauthenticity.

Sunak has no electoral mandate to justify his position as leader of the Conservative Partyor prime minister.

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Sunak lost an internal Conservative Party leadership contest to now-former Prime Minister Liz Truss in September — with Truss in turn only lasting as prime minister for just over a month.

The former chancellor of the exchequer under Boris Johnson secured his victory as prime minister as the sole candidate in a Tory leadership contest.

Johnson himself bowed out of a comeback bid for prime minister, guaranteeing Sunak’s ascension. Johnson himself victoriously led his party in the U.K.’s 2019 general election by focusing on the country’s exit from the European Union, or “Brexit.”He could be said to actually have an electoral mandate to lead, unlike Sunak.

Farage criticized Sunak for his seeming elitism, warning that he’d utterly fail to convince working-class Britons who supported Johnson in 2019, in spite of their traditional support for the Labour Party.

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The former Goldman Sachs employee married into an Indian billionaire family, according to Forbes.

His wife’s family controls Infosys, according to the BBC, an Indian tech company deeply involved in outsourcing of middle-class jobs from the UK and the U.S. to reduce labor costs.

Sunak has appeared in video messages of the globalist World Economic Forum.

Here he is talking about the “challenge of climate change.”

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The unelected leadership of the wealthiest prime minister in British history could result in a Labour renaissance with working-class Britons.

Populist figures such as Farage (and conservatives like Johnson) succeeded in swinging the traditional left-leaning voter bloc into breaking for both Brexit and Tory parliamentary majorities, especially in northern England. In doing so, they breached the “red wall” of British politics, getting leftist voters to support the right. It was a point Farage referred to repeatedly.

An unelected figure, such as Sunak, educated in elite private schools, isn’t going to be able to connect with this demographic in the same sense, Farage warned.

“Ask yourself a question. How would Rishi Sunak cope going into a working man’s club in Doncaster?”

Farage himself laughed at Sunak’s prospects in such a scenario.

“I don’t think he’d even walk through the door, and certainly not be able to hold those people in conversation.” 

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