Finnish Prime Minister Announces She Has Taken a Drug Test Following Viral Video


Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin shared that she has taken a drug test after receiving backlash over a viral video showing her partying.

According to Reuters, Marin said during a news conference, “In recent days, there have been quite grave public accusations that I was in a space where drugs were used, or that I myself used drugs.”

She added, “I consider these accusations to be very serious and, though I consider the demand for a drug test unjust, for my own legal protection and to clear up any doubts, I have taken a drug test today, the results of which will come in about a week.”

Additionally, she told reporters, “I’m an individual, a person, a real person, also even though I’m a prime minister. So I won’t change the way I behave.”

Marin added, “Of course, I have to be careful, what I say because it can be represented as the whole government.”

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Check out her comments below:

Her announcement of the drug test came after Finnish Parliament member Mikko Kärnä suggested that she take one.

“Just for the sake of the discussion in public, it would be wise if the Prime Minister [Marin Sanna] voluntarily went through a drug screening, the results of which would be made public by an independent body,” Kärnä tweeted.

He added, “The people are also allowed to expect this from their prime minister.”

Users on Twitter came to Marin’s defense following the criticism, as IJR reported.

One tweeted, “I would love to know the people trusted with leading our country into the future are actually pretty normal. I’d feel they’ve got a grasp of what’s actually important.”

It continues, “A night being goofy with friends is infinitely better that a $2000/plate schmoozefest with the wealthy.”

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