Hillary Clinton Argues Republicans Who Fail to Stand up to Trump’s Election Claims ‘Have No Spines’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking aim at Republicans who refuse to break from President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud.

“The election was not close. There was no evidence of fraud. The states have certified the results. Yet Trump continues to try to overturn the election at the expense of our democracy,” Clinton wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

She added, “The emperor has no clothes. Republican electeds who continue to humor him have no spines.”

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) lambasted Republican lawmakers for considering protesting the Electoral College vote, as IJR previously reported.

“This is madness. We have a process, recounts are appropriate, going to the court is [appropriate and] pursuing every legal avenue is appropriate, but trying to get electors not to do what the people voted to do is madness,” Romney said Tuesday.

He continued, “It would be saying, ‘Look, let’s not follow the vote of the people, let’s instead do it what we want,’ that would not be the way a democratic republic ought to work.”

Some Republicans have expressed fear over the possibility of opposing Trump’s efforts to overturn election results including the Republican majority leader of the Pennsylvania Senate, Kim Ward, as IJR previously reported.

She suggested her house would be “bombed” if she were to do so.

Other Republicans have yet to publicly acknowledge Biden as the winner of the election, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

When asked during his press conference Tuesday if he would be willing to acknowledge Biden as president-elect, McConnell said, “This has become a weekly ritual.”

He went on, “The Electoral College is going to meet on the fourteenth and cast a vote. We’re going to have a swearing-in of the next president on the twentieth of January. Why don’t we concentrate on what we have to do the next two weeks?”

Trump took to Twitter Thursday to express his frustration with the election results and double down on his refusal to acknowledge Biden as the winner.


  1. “By the way Phyllis, Diane seems to know more about this country than you do – probably because you get all your information from MSM.” Bernadette

    You should read more of Phyllis’s comments more closely, Bernadette. That way you would know that she has time to read even more books than I do. Her information below seems to be founded on way more than just listening to a few corporate media broadcasts.

    Maybe you should try doing the same thing, Bernadette. That way you would likely make fewer wrong assumptions and understand policies better. Just saying.

  2. By the way Phyllis, Diane seems to know more about this country than you do – probably because you get all your information from MSM. As for Rod Rosenstein, being born, raised & schooled in PA as well as working in MD would have given many pause but Trump overlooked that the result being Trump screwed over as so many appointees have and Rosenstein appointing Mueller means he knew it was FAKE.

  3. This is from the same woman who called Trump supporters deplorables? Like anything she says would be accepted

  4. Diane, I am questioning you being an actual American. No one is America could be as uninformed as you wish us to believe are.
    1. The Mueller investigation was ordered and overseen by Trump appointee, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.
    2. LOL….the American system of government is a POTUS and a VPOTUS.— If the president is removed or resigns, the Vice President is sworn into office—NOT the candidate that was defeated in the previous election.
    4. The Mueller investigation resulted in 199 charges against 34 people and 3 companies, with
    6 known Trump advisers and associates among the 34 people indicted.
    5. The Mueller investigation cost a reported $32 million–that figure includes over $12 million
    of DOJ expenses that would have been incurred if the special counsel investigation was not
    taking place.
    6. Paul Manafort ALONE forfeited $42 million, including $22 million in real estate assess. Fines
    were assessed and paid by many of the 34 individuals charged.
    7. The Republican controlled congressional Intel committees found and reported RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election–which is the same findings as the Mueller Report.

  5. Unbelievable. After four years of their (dangerous) Russiagate scheme, including the multi-mIllion dollar Mueller investigation, all in an effort to overthrow the 2016 election and install Hillary Clinton, they have the audacity to rail against those disputing the 2020 election!

  6. “Who listens to losers?” Arthur

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Truer words could not have been said.

    Thanks, Arthur, for making one less day with King Donald The Loser in Washington brighter and lighter.

  7. Coming from a woman who didn’t have spine enough to divorce her POS husband for letting a White House aid suck on his penis IN THE WHITE HOUSE this is the pot calling the kettle black. Go away Hillary! No one cares what a crooked biatch like you has to say!!!!

  8. Can’t believe she can say this with a straight face. One of the most corrupt politicians of all time.

  9. Shrillary strikes again! What a sorry example of a loser who can’t shut up.

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