Hostile Engaged over Red Sea, Target Downed


Hamas and Hezbollah attacks are bad enough, but they aren’t the only attacks Israel must consider on a daily basis. Because of where Israel is located as well as the mass hostility they face from their enemies, they have to be on guard for attacks from additional sources.

Many of these arrive undercover, so to speak. This includes the two that took place through the use of drones on the Red Sea Friday, according to the Egyptian army, as reported by Reuters.

Israel blamed Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi movement for the strikes, which they believe were actually meant to occur in Israel.

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Surrounded by enemies, Israel faces war from all sides. Neighboring regions must remain vigilant as a result of their proximity to the warring regions.

Spillover is very real. This attack is a grave reminder.

With no claims of responsibility, the first drone crashed into a building adjacent to a hospital in the Egyptian town of Taba. The town borders Israel. Six people were injured.

The second was shot down in Egyptian airspace. “The debris fell in a desert area of Nuweiba town, about 70 km (43 miles) from the Israeli border, Egypt said,” according to Reuters.

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It is believed that both originated in Yemen, at the south end of the Red Sea. Both were aimed north, toward Israel.

Israeli combat helicopters were scrambled when”an aerial threat was spotted in the Red Sea region,” Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said.

It left the towns vulnerable. Sudden attacks are designed to use this strategic and sick advantage to kill. We know this.

“To our understanding, the strike that took place in Egypt originated in this threat,” Hagari said in a televised briefing before Israel’s foreign ministry attributed the drones to the Houthi.

At popular tourist destinations in Egypt, witnesses received front-row seats to the explosions, smoke and response by Egyptian warplanes.

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The reality is that any country near Israel has to remain on high alert. The area is on fire and factions, if not governments, are unpredictable. Every life is in danger.

The reality is that much of the Middle East would prefer that Israel ceased to exist.

Anyone who sides with Israel invites death to their doorstep. Many in the region blame Israel for all of the issues in Gaza and the Middle East. With each new attack, the hostility and finger-pointing become more aggressive.

Many have now swung their support away from Israel toward Palestine. What originated as a horrific attack by a terror organization has now divided the world between the two sides — Israel and Gaza. We see it on our own streets: protests for one or the other happening daily, aided by new technology that prevents us from missing a single detail. It’s harmful.

Even more harmful is the newly designed equipment, reinforced to wreak havoc from any distance. As noted by Reuters, “On Wednesday, Hamas said it had targeted the Israeli town of Eilat, across the border from Taba, with a missile in what appeared to be the Islamist group’s longest-range Palestinian attack since Oct. 7.”

Israel faces existential threats from all sides. That’s inarguably scary.

Ingenuity “made to destroy” falling into the wrong hands, has never been good. It’s worse now. For the people in Israel and surrounding countries, it’s much worse. Things are poised to escalate in a radical way.



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