Jack Dorsey Is 'Holding up a Mirror' to CNN


Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called out CNN for promoting false news.

On Monday, Dorsey responded to a Tweet issued by CNN’s Brian Stelter.

“Tucker Carlson is always selling the same thing, [Philip Bump] says: ‘He’s selling doubt…'” Stelter tweeted.

Dorsey replied, “And you all are selling hope?”

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Stelter later responded, “I’m just one person, but I enjoyed our CNN interview and would love to do it again – this topic deserves long form.”

Political commentator at MSNBC, Elizabeth Spiers, defended Stelter.

“They’re selling truth, which is hope-agnostic. It’s supposed to inform you, not make you feel some kind of way,” Spiers tweeted.

Does CNN promote false news?

Miss Universe Iraq 2017 Sarah Idan weighed in on the conversation.

“Even [CNN] sometimes sell false news. I know this from covering Iraq events in 2019. People need to understand every media is prone to either mistakes or deliberate corruption. Do your own investigation before believing what they’re selling you,” Idan tweeted.

Dorsey replied, “I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it causing the protestors to chant ‘f**k CNN.'”

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Foreign Correspondent for Newsmax, Alex Salvi, suggested Dorsey was defending Tucker Carlson.

“Not defending a thing. holding up a mirror,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey made headlines recently after criticizing Twitter’s board of directors over its handling of the Elon Musk saga.

One Twitter user detailed the “plots and coups” that occurred early on in the board’s history.

Dorsey then said it has “consistently been the dysfunction of the company.”

Earlier, Dorsey responded to another tweet that quoted venture capitalist Fred Destin citing what he said was a “Silicon Valley proverb”: “Good boards don’t create good companies, but a bad board will kill a company every time,” as NBC News reported.

The former Twitter CEO responded, “Big facts.”

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