Lindsey Graham: Brazilians Are Headed for Connecticut 'Wearing Designer Clothes and Gucci Bags'


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is suggesting thousands of Brazilians have illegally crossed the border and are headed for Connecticut.

During an appearance on Fox News, Graham told host Sean Hannity, “We had 40,000 Brazilians come through the Yuma Sector alone, headed for Connecticut, wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags.”

He continued, “This is not economic migration anymore. People see an open America, they’re taking advantage of us, and it won’t be long before a terrorist gets in this crowd.”

Graham claimed 114,000 came into the Yuma Sector alone since October of 2020, adding, “Nobody’s being tested, nobody’s being vaccinated. They don’t have the capability to do that.”

Suggesting another 9/11 is “in the making,” Graham added, “There 80 countries they’ve picked people up from. Two terrorists from Yemen they caught just a couple weeks ago. How easy would it be for Al Qaeda or ISIS to leave out Afghanistan and come through the Southern Border to blend in … The border patrol is doing the best they can but they told me that the likelihood of a terrorist attack coming from our Southern Border grows by the day.”

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Additionally, Graham argued what the United States is seeing in Texas is “moving to Arizona. A 1300 percent increase in illegal crossings in the Yuma Sector in the last few months. Why? We changed the Remain in Mexico Policy.”

Watch part of Graham’s comments below:

The policy, enacted under the Trump administration, required migrants seeking asylum in the United States to return to Mexico while waiting for their court hearing.

The Supreme Court ordered the policy to be reinstated in August. Still, the Biden administration vowed last month to scrap it.

Graham recently criticized the Biden administration for its immigration policy. In a tweet on Tuesday, Graham wrote, “The word is out — If you get to America turn yourself in, claim asylum, you will never be forced to leave. Until the Biden Administration changes that narrative we are going to be invaded and overrun.”

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