Graham Tells Democrats 'Don’t Give China a Pass' for the Country's Handling of the Coronavirus


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is calling on his Democratic and Republican colleagues to put their differences aside and come together to send a message to China.

While Graham is not alleging China intentionally spread the coronavirus, he believes it has been spread as a result of China’s “gross negligence” and “willful deception.”

Graham called on his fellow lawmakers to hold China accountable.

“Here’s my plea to my Democratic colleagues: Please don’t give China a pass for this pandemic,” Graham said.

Watch his comments below:

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Graham went on to list three things he believes China should be compelled to do.

The first thing Graham suggested China do is to cooperate with any investigation into how the coronavirus originated.

Graham then called on China to close all of the wet markets serving wildlife including bats and monkeys.

The third and final thing is Graham lists is for China to release Hong Kong Democracy advocates that have been jailed since the onset of the coronavirus.

Graham was asked what would happen if China did not do those three things.

He fired off consequences including seizing assets of Chinese officials, cutting China off from U.S. financial institutions, and shutting down travel into the United States for Chinese students.

Graham reiterated his call on Democrats to join Republicans in making sure China is held accountable.

“To the Democratic Party, join me and President Trump and all Republicans to send a signal to China: Business, as usual, is over until you change your behavior.”

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“We need to come together when it comes to punishing China to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Graham said. “If they get away with it this time, they’ll do it again. So enough is enough with China.”

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