Lindsey Graham on Potential Trump 2024 Run: He Will Have ‘Some Damage To Repair’


If former President Donald Trump wants to run again in 2024, he is going to have “some damage to repair,” according to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Graham predicted Trump would win the Republican primary “if the primary were held tomorrow … if he chose to run.”

“Here’s the question I have, if President Trump decides to run in 2024, and he wins the party’s nomination, will you support him?” Graham asked during Monday night’s appearance on Fox News.

Touching on what it means to be a Republican, Graham explained, “I would look at what President Trump did and choose that as my way forward.”

Watch his comments below:

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Graham argued if Republicans want to make the party stronger across the nation and win in 2024, they need to embrace Trump’s policies.

“It should be an America First agenda and if President Trump runs, he’s going to have some damage to repair, but I think he’s in great shape to win the primary and could get reelected,” Graham said.

He continued, “And my question is, if he’s the nominee would you support him? I would like to hear a lot of people answer that question.”

Last week, Graham declared he has accepted the results of the 2020 election, as IJR reported.

“I accept the results of the election. … 2020 is over to me. I’m ready to march on and hopefully take back the House and the Senate in 2022,” he said while speaking to reporters.

Earlier this month, Graham also warned those who are trying to “erase Trump” that they are “going to wind up getting erased,” as IJR reported.

“The most popular Republican in America, it’s not Lindsey Graham, is not Liz Cheney, it’s Donald Trump. People on our side of the aisle believe that Trump policies worked. They’re disappointed that he lost,” the senator said during a Fox News appearance.

He added, “To try to erase Donald Trump from the Republican Party is insane. And the people who try to erase him are going to wind up getting erased.”

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