Madonna Vanity Fair Photo Shoot Slammed as 'Demonic'


Singer Madonna’s latest photo shoot has been labeled “demonic” by Twitter users.

Radio host Paul Joseph Watson shared images from the shoot on Twitter.

The photos appear to depict images related to Christianity.

One includes what looks to be a take on the Last Supper.

She is surrounded by other women featuring one with little clothing on.

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Watson added the caption, “New Madonna Vanity Fair photo shoot. These people and that whole industry is utterly demonic.”

One user called the images both “satanic and disgusting.”

Do you think this is "demonic"?

Writer Bernhard Guenther tweeted, “Nothing to see here. Just ‘art.'”

Another user wrote, “Please Come Lord.”

One tweet suggests if “you have to try this hard to shock people to get attention, it seems like an admission that your musical talent isn’t sufficient to do the job on its own.”

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Check out more reactions below:

Billboard reported Madonna would be featured on three different editions of Vanity Fair in Italy, Spain and France this month.

Madonna was dressed for the shoot in designs by John Galliano.

He explained Madonna’s “career has a biblical dimension, a universal scope.”

Galliano added, “The first time I saw her, she was already inspired, fearless, with integrity and artistic pride.”

Vanity Fair’s European editorial director Simone Marchetti, explained, “Madonna accepted not only to be part of a fashion shoot but on an artistic project that is the representation of the values that she embodied in the last 40 years.”

He continued, “Each image is like a reflection on Madonna’s extraordinary contribution to the culture of the last decades. Those pages are the milestones of a discussion, a progress and a commitment that does not stop here. A commitment that we strive to tell, explain and illustrate in every issue of Vanity Fair.”

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