'MAGA' World Torches DeSantis After His Campaign Shares an AI Video Targeting Trump


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is taking heat for a video his presidential campaign shared.

On Thursday, the DeSantis War Room account shared a video blasting former President Donald Trump for not firing Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The video started with clips from NBC’s “The Apprentice” of Trump telling contestants, “You’re fired!”

It then transitioned to Trump explaining why he had not fired Fauci. Meanwhile, a text appeared on the screen that read, “Real Life Trump.”

It showed what appeared to be some real photos of the two men.

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But then it included pictures generated by artificial intelligence (AI) of Trump embracing and even kissing Fauci.

And it did not go over well with Trump’s supporters.

Conservative strategist Alex Bruesewitz tweeted, “DeSantis’ dishonest team used AI pictures in one of their latest attack ads on Trump. All team DeSantis does is LIE!”

Do you think using AI pictures is a bad idea?

Another account named “johnny maga” wrote, “Unlike Team Desantis, who uses AI to make Trump look weak, we have real images Here’s Ron standing like a fruitcake with a mask on nearly 8 months after COVID hit.”

Trump adviser Jason Miller tweeted, “DeSanctimonious!!!”

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Another user wrote, “Told you the Desantis camp are deceptive scum and Community notes has been politically weaponized. Not a single ‘note’ on the deep fake AI images they’re pushing.”

Meanwhile, podcaster Tim Pool tweeted, “I was 55/45 for Trump/DeSantis Now Im 0% for DeSantis Using AI images to smear Trump is a hard f*** you DeSantis must disavow.”

Some conservatives responded to the criticism of DeSantis by noting Trump has shared edited pictures of the Florida governor.

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