Man Arrested for Allegedly Drenching Age 7 Son in Honey so Bees Would Sting Him

A father in Egypt was arrested after he allegedly tied up his young son, covered him with honey and left him on a rooftop so that he would be stung by bees, according to multiple reports.

Arab News reported that the 34-year-old man, who was not named in reports, was accused by his wife of torturing their 7-year-old son.

“In pictures found on the mother’s phone, the boy can be seen bound hand and foot to a stake after he was smeared with honey and left exposed to the sun to attract insects,” the outlet added.

The boy had reportedly been accused of theft by neighbors. The alleged torture was his father’s form of punishment, according to Arab News.

The Sun reported that the child attracted swarms of bees and mosquitos.

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It is not currently known how long he was left tied up on the roof.

The boy was found in a “deplorable” physical state, according to The Sun.

He was treated by doctors and news reports did not disclose his condition.

The incident occurred on May 25 in the Qalyubia governate north of Cairo.

Prosecutors in the city of Shebin al-Qanater launched “extensive investigations” into the case after the boy’s mother reported the abuse to authorities, Arab News reported.

According to the outlet, smearing a person with honey was used as an ancient form of torture.

The case has drawn international attention.

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A photo is circulating on Twitter showing the boy lying on his stomach with his arms and legs tied to a piece of wood. He appears to be swarmed by insects.

The Western Journal will not post that photo here in order to protect the privacy of the child.

The boy’s mother, 29, has reportedly taken the child and fled the area to another village while the boy’s father remains in custody undergoing investigation. It is unclear whether he has yet been charged.

The Sun reported that the boy’s mother, who was not named in reports, also accused her husband of physically abusing her and violently punishing their child.

Those punishments reportedly included depriving the boy of food and water.

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