RNC’s Ronna McDaniel Signals Opposition to Changes to Debate Structure


Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is urging the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) not to change the debate structure.

During her appearance on Fox News, McDaniel argued the commission should not make any changes without support from the candidates.

McDaniel suggested the “the rules have been changed” the whole election cycle for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

She insisted Biden “still got away” from tough questions surrounding the Supreme Court, taxes, and the Green New Deal.

“I hope the Committee on Presidential Debates does not change the rules to once again protect Joe Biden from answering to the American people,” McDaniel said.

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Watch her comments below:

Host Sandra Smith asked McDaniel if she believes President Donald Trump interrupted Biden “too much.”

McDaniel made it clear she wanted Trump to continue to press Biden on stacking the Supreme Court.

She acknowledged the president was the “aggressor” because nobody is asking Biden tough questions.

McDaniel did not express support for a mute button to help control the conversation.

“I don’t think you should be changing the rules that they have agreed to and I do not think this commission has the right to just arbitrarily change rules without talking to both candidates and getting agreement and input from both sides,” McDaniel said.

Smith asked McDaniel if she would back time restrictions.

She noted they already have time restrictions in place and the candidates need to be able to speak to the American people without strict boundaries.

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“They came out hot, and they went after each other, and these are grown men and they’re going to be on the world stage and they can handle a debate,” McDaniel said.

She continued, “I don’t think that we need to put parameters in to make sure that it’s softer and easier and nicer. They’re competing to be president of the United States. Let’s make sure they have the ability to convey their beliefs to the American people.”

The commission announced on Wednesday it will be “carefully considering” what changes it will be making and will reveal those “measures shortly,” as IJR previously reported.

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