Meghan McCain Claims She Has 'A Higher Likelihood of Getting Shot' Than COVID-19


Meghan McCain believes Democrats should be focusing more on the increase in homicide rates and violence, saying there is a “higher likelihood” she will get shot than COVID-19.

“I think that the White House should be honest with the American public and say that there is no going back to normal, and that taking off the mask was just a ruse,” McCain said during an episode of “The View” Friday.

She predicted “there will probably be lockdowns,” adding, “Americans who want to live, as I said yesterday, this is literally going to become a state by state issue, and if you don’t want to live under masking and you don’t want to live under these mandates, unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to move to a state where they’re not going to do it, like in Arizona.”

McCain explained she wishes Democrats would give more energy toward solutions to the violence going on, specifically in Washington, D.C.

Watch McCain’s remarks below:

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Touching on the violence and homicide rates, the co-host said, “Quite frankly, I have a higher likelihood of getting shot leaving this building than I do of getting Covid. From July 14th to the 28th, there were four Covid deaths and 11 homicides in Washington, D.C.”

She suggested until there is different leadership in the White House, it is unlikely the mandates will end. Mentioning former President Donald Trump, McCain told her co-hosts the Biden administration should invite him to help get messaging out about the vaccines.

During the show on Thursday, McCain voiced her frustration with the changing mask guidance, as IJR reported.

“Look. I think this is stupid. I don’t want to wear a mask anymore,” she said.

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