1,000 and Counting: Coronavirus Death Toll Rises in the US

Coronavirus cases continue to rise in the United States and the death toll has topped 1,000.

The total confirmed death toll has reached 1,046 as of Thursday morning, according to Johns Hopkins. New York has reported the most deaths out of any state, reaching a total of 280. Total confirmed cases across the globe have reached more than 492,000.

New York, the state seeing the most cases out of all, has taken measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has called on the Trump administration to act and help out the state, as IJR previously reported.

He has pointed out the need for ventilators and other resources.

“Our single greatest challenge is ventilators. We need 30,000 ventilators. We have 11,000,” Cuomo tweeted on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump acknowledged the need for additional resources and also explained how it is difficult to provide enough, as IJR previously reported.

“The World market for face masks and ventilators is Crazy. We are helping the states to get equipment, but it is not easy,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) also called for ventilators and other medical equipment as the city has become the epicenter for the spread of the coronavirus.

Lawmakers are working to reduce the impact of the coronavirus as the Senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill late Wednesday, as IJR reported.

The bill includes financial assistance for families through direct payments. It also includes money for small businesses, for unemployment benefits and for hospitals and other health care entities.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) acknowledged the historic moment of the passing of the bill. The House will consider the legislation on Friday.

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  1. George Carlin said it best.

    Either live in fear or go on about your life. Newsflash: everyone dies in the end. That should not be a spoiler for anyone.

    Those promoting the scared, panicky, animals to run and hide are infantilizing all of us. If you feel the need to isolate yourself, then do it. Leave the rest of us, and the economy, alone.

  2. To put things in perspective, the CDC estimated a death toll of 34,200 from the 2018-19 flu alone. Over 3000 people die from cancer/heart disease EVERY DAY.

    See the article on Dr. Birx if you don’t believe that the Chicken Littles panicked everyone.

    I’m a believer in the “dumb, panicky animals” school, especially when one considers the panic-inducing coverage by the MSM. I’m doubly at risk but I go out every single day, shopping, visiting local businesses, etc. At least the places NOT shutdown.

    I do not the economy being shut down nor any bailouts as a result for every annual flu, SARS, or the swine flu.

    Dumb, panicky animals and easily duped.