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Pelosi Praises the Supreme Court's Ruling on Trump's Tax Returns

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow the enforcement of subpoenas to President Donald Trump’s accounting firm in New York.

Pelosi opened her weekly press conference on Thursday by declaring, “The Supreme Court, including the president’s appointees, have declared that he is not above the law.”

She added, “The path that the Supreme Court has laid out is one that is clearly by us in the lower court and we will continue to go down that path.”

See her comments below:

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In a statement on the Supreme Court ruling, Pelosi said, “A careful reading of the Supreme Court rulings related to the President’s financial records is not good news for President Trump.”

The statement continued, “The Court has reaffirmed the Congress’s authority to conduct oversight on behalf of the American people, as it asks for further information from the Congress.  Congress’s constitutional responsibility to uncover the truth continues, specifically related to the President’s Russia connection that he is hiding.”

Asked what she thinks about the upcoming court battles, which are unlikely to be settled before the November election, Pelosi said, “This isn’t so much about the president’s records — although we’d like to know how Russia funded his operation all those years — but that’s not what was at stake. What was at stake is, ‘Is the president above the law?'”

She added, “If they had ruled … that he can do whatever he wants without any oversight from Congress, that would have been just devastating.”

Trump called the ruling “a political prosecution,” saying that “now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair to this presidency or administration!”

Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling is the latest step in the lawsuit filed by the Manhattan District Attorney as part of an investigation that dates back to 2018. In the House of Representatives, Democrat-led committees are also seeking access to Trump’s records with banks that have long histories with the president.

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