NYC Posts Job Listing to Take on the 'Real Enemy' of the City: 'Killer Instinct Needed'


New York City is in need of an individual with “killer instinct” to tackle a major problem.

Gothamist, a website about all things NYC, first reported on the job posting titled, “New York’s Citywide Director of Rodent Mitigation.”

Under the description, the city asks potential applicants, “Do you have what it takes to do the impossible? A virulent vehemence for vermin? A background in urban planning, project management, or government?”

It continues, “And most importantly, the drive, determination and killer instinct needed to fight the real enemy – New York City’s relentless rat population?”

The job listing explains, despite “their successful public engagement strategy and cheeky social media presence, rats are not our friends – they are enemies that must be vanquished by the combined forces of our city government.”

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The city noted rats spread disease, damage homes along with wiring, and joked that they “attempt to control the movements of kitchen staffers in an effort to take over human jobs.”

The posting argues, “Cunning, voracious, and prolific, New York City’s rats are legendary for their survival skills, but they don’t run this city – we do.”

According to the city, the ideal candidate is “highly motivated and somewhat bloodthirsty, determined to look at all solutions from various angles, including improving operational efficiency, data collection, technology innovation, trash management, and wholesale slaughter.”

Do you think the salary is high enough for the role?

In order to apply, the applicant is required to be a resident of New York City, have a bachelor’s degree, along with several other qualifications.

The salary ranges from $120,000 to $170,000.

Twitter users shared their reactions to the job posting.

One user wrote, “An effective rat czar should be paid a lot more than this.”

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Another user joked, “’A bachelor’s degree [is required] and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.’ Rats to experience death by Powerpoint decks.”

One tweet argued, “Instead of a ’Rat Czar’ NY should be using safe and effective rat-control methods as anticoagulant rodenticides are harmful to environment and poisons/kills animals while rats become immune to the poison and continue to reproduce. Owls eat 15-20 rats/day. More effective and safe than poison.”

NPR reported in October that New York’s Sanitation Department has reported more than 21,600 rat complaints in 2022 alone.

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