Obama, Bush, and Clinton Urge Americans To Work Together


Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton celebrated the success of another peaceful transfer of power after President Joe Biden was sworn in.

In a video message on Wednesday, Obama pointed out the significance of a peaceful transfer of power.

“I think inaugurations signal a tradition of a peaceful transfer of power that is over two centuries old,” he said.

Bush jumped in and added, “I think the fact that the three of us are standing here talking about a peaceful transfer of power speaks to the institutional integrity of our country.”

Clinton explained the nation is “trying to come back to normalcy” and take on “totally abnormal challenges”

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Watch their comments below:

Obama urged Americans to not just listen to those they agree with, but also listen to those they do not agree with.

He acknowledged Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, for their willingness to show Obama and his wife “grace” and “generosity.”

“It was a reminder that we can have fierce disagreements and yet recognize each other’s common humanity and that as Americans we have more in common than what separates us,” Obama said.

All three of them emphasized the importance of unity among Americans.

Obama pointed out the theme of Biden’s speech seemed to be if Americans work together they can deal with any issue.

They went on to wish Biden well.

“Mr. president, I’m pulling for your success. Your success is our country’s success and God bless you,” Bush said.

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Clinton continued, “I’m glad you’re there and I wish you well. You have spoken for us today. Now you will lead for us and we’re ready to march with you. Good luck, God bless you.”

Obama concluded, “Joe, I’m proud of you and you and Kamala need to know that you’ve got all of us here rooting for your success, keeping you in our prayers and we will be available in any ways that we can as citizens to help you guide our country forward. We wish you Godspeed.”

Former President Donald Trump skipped Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday and left for Florida after delivering his final remarks, as IJR reported.

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