Barack Obama Warns Against Politicizing the Coronavirus Pandemic

Former President Barack Obama is urging the nation to focus on the science behind the coronavirus pandemic rather than the politics as he points to evidence the United States is falling behind other countries in its response to the outbreak.

Obama issued a tweet early on Wednesday reminding Americans the coronavirus does not mind public affairs and it is crucial to address the issue at hand.

“The latest data offers a tragic reminder that the virus doesn’t care about spin or ideology––and that the best thing we can do for our economy is to deal with our public health crisis,” Obama said.

Obama linked to a New York Times opinion piece titled “The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse. We Must Act Now.”

The column written by historian John M. Barry argued politics has not solved the issue and the only way to bring an end to the crisis is to focus on the science.

Barry compared the nation’s growth rate of new coronavirus cases to those of other countries and concluded the United States has the highest in the world.

According to the historian, the United States failed to replicate European success including maintaining the shutdown until reaching a downward slope in cases, compliance with health advice, and creating a workforce to test, trace, and isolate cases.

Barry suggested the solution is to continue to practice social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and self-quarantining.

He acknowledged Trump’s public appearance wearing a mask, but suggested even with all of these practices it is nearly impossible to bend the curve downward.

“These things will reduce spread, and President Trump finally wore a mask publicly, which may somewhat depoliticize the issue,” Barry wrote.

He added, “But at this point all these things together, even with widespread compliance, can only blunt dangerous trends where they are occurring. The virus is already too widely disseminated for these actions to quickly bend the curve downward.”

He noted steps to limit private gatherings and implement selective shutdowns including sources of large-scale spread as solutions to slowing the spread.

Obama followed his first tweet with another expanding on how the nation has responded to the pandemic.

“Here’s a quick look at how our response stacks up with countries around the world,” Obama said.

He linked to a New York Times graphic illustrating the United States second to Brazil in the number of new coronavirus cases.


  1. “Obama,you are retired.Stay that way.Your Opinion does not matter anymore,Hallelujah.” Gary

    I am confused, Gary, so help me out.

    Are you going to say exactly the same thing about King Donald The Loser after January 20th, 2021? He won’t be in office, either, so I will expect you to expect His Majesty to keep his royal mouth shut, too.

  2. That’s like porta-john telling people to stop posting irrelevant racist potty-mouth hatred.

  3. Too late. Your dem/leftist/prog/socialists pals have done nothing but politicize the virus.
    You need to take your spying, corruption, ego, narcissism and charts and start learning how to be an EX president. Although I would much prefer you were put in a jail cell right next to Hillary.

  4. No class dirtbag champ of the left. Just can’t disappear like a former president should. Never. blames his commie Chinese brothers for the Covid attack blames Trump. Obama the cockroach pos.

  5. You all seem to think that because Trump plays politics with an epidemic, everybody else does the same thing. They don’t. Trump was a national disaster from day one, and is a menace now to our health and prosperity.

  6. I saw what he did. Did you?

    The ‘master orator’ (teleprompter not counted) just played politics with the KungFlu.

  7. What chutzpah. Obama, Soros, Clintons and China most likely released it on the world as they are Communists and therefore, lives don’t matter to them.

  8. Hey Barrie,
    tell that to the MSM. they’ve been politizing this since it started.

  9. When are you going to learn, that no one with a fully functioning brain gives a shit what you think? Being the worst president in recent history and probably in all our history. Do us all a favor and go back to playing with yourself. Take your ugly inside and out wife with you.

  10. Obama,you are retired.Stay that way.Your Opinion does not matter anymore,Hallelujah.

  11. Oh, really? The Democrats have been politicizing the epidemic for months, now the Obamanation is worried. He should talk to fellow Democrats and go back to shut his own mouth. He’s the mouth that roared. Why doesn’t he give one of his “institutionalized racism’ speeches. Stir up some more trouble. He’s been doing it for over 12 years.

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