Praying Football Coach Wants Supreme Court to Allow Him to 'Thank God'


High school football coach Joe Kennedy has one request for the Supreme Court.

Kennedy spoke to The Daily Signal about the relationship between his faith and his job.

“When they told me that I had to pick between my faith and my job, that was a no-brainer and I stood up and fought,” Kennedy said.

He explained how he grew up in Bremerton, Washington, saying, “I was a pretty bad kid when I was growing up and I was always in trouble. That’s one of the reasons why I think I was a pretty good coach is because I could really relate to these kids.”

Kennedy told the outlet he made a covenant to give God the glory after every game.

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“I started praying by myself on the 50-yard line. I don’t remember anything about the first time I took a knee, because it was not a big deal,” Kennedy explained.

He continued, “It was just me going out there and taking a knee by myself, and giving thanks for what the players just did, and … being part of it.”

In 2015, the Bremerton School District learned about Kennedy’s prayers and told the football coach he no longer could say prayers with students.

“It was really simple for me to agree with them and say, ‘That’s not a problem.’ I never prayed with the kids ever again,” Kennedy said.

Should the court rule in favor of Kennedy?

Check out Kennedy’s comments below:

Kennedy was later fired for continuing to pray by himself on the field.

“I decided to file the lawsuit after I realized that I was not going to be able to win this by myself,” Kennedy explained.

He added, “There was no way I could talk to the school district anymore. Their lawyers said I was not to be in any contact with the school or anyone at the school, unless it was through the lawyers.”

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The only thing Kennedy is asking of the Supreme Court is “that I get to be a coach and I get to thank God afterwards.”

The football coach vowed not to give up on his faith and fight for others’ rights.

The Daily Signal noted the court’s ruling is expected sometime in June.

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