Professor Speaks Out About His Battle With University Over Pronoun Usage for Transgender Student

A professor is sharing his experience with battling Shawnee State University in Ohio after the school disciplined him for refusing to use the pronouns of a transgender student.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson noted the professor, Nicholas Meriwether, filed a First Amendment lawsuit and won his case in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Carlson asked Meriwether on Thursday what made him bring the case to court.

“Well, basically, if I had not, I would have been fired. I would have been terminated. That was one reason. It wasn’t the only reason. The other reason was, as you just said, I think we need to stand up against it, and I do think that we are losing our academic freedom,” Meriwether said.

He added, “We’re losing our freedom to disagree, and unless and until people stand up to it, I think it’s just going to get much, much worse, much, much faster.”

Watch the conversation below:

Turning his attention to Kristen Waggoner, senior legal counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, he asked her what the legal precedent is in this case and how others can use it.

“Well we won on both free speech and free exercise grounds and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals said very clearly that the use of titles and pronouns is a part of a debate that this nation is engaging in right now and that those terms are infused with great meaning, that that’s not the government’s role to set the terms of that debate or to weigh in on one side or the other,” Waggoner explained.

Meriwether’s lawsuit was previously dismissed by a district court for lack of standing. The decision made by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will send the lawsuit back to a lower court where the professor can make his case.

Judge Amul Thapar wrote in the opinion, “Traditionally, American universities have been beacons of intellectual diversity and academic freedom. They have prided themselves on being forums where controversial ideas are discussed and debated. And they have tried not to stifle debate by picking sides.”

He continued, “But Shawnee State chose a different route: It punished a professor for his speech on a hotly contested issue. And it did so despite the constitutional protections afforded by the First Amendment. The district court dismissed the professor’s free-speech and free-exercise claims. We see things differently and reverse.”


  1. From the moment of conception, the DNA is established: hair color, eye color, sex. Every single cell in the body has this DNA. Sex is either xx female or xy male. Every cell in the body is permanently stamped xx or xy. No matter how many hormones or hormone blockers you take or how many surgeries you have you will NEVER change your sex.
    Gender is a completely different issue. It is how you FEEL. Policies/laws should NEVER be based on how people FEEL. They should be based on reality, not emotion. You cannot force anyone to agree/accept what you feel. You can identify your pronouns/sex all you want but that doesn’t mean anyone has to accept or agree with them.

      1. The professor being stubborn to just use whatever pronoun is preferred by the student. The student for being unreasonably rigid on people around her using incorrect pronouns as mistakes are bound to happen.

        I guess i have a hard time seeing either POV as sympathetic so the entire thing to me is dumb. 😉

        1. In a sense you are correct. The entire matter shows how stubborn (and, daresay, pig-headed) people can be about small things. But in a larger sense you are wrong. When someone tries to force you into doing something stupid and petty (daresay, asinine), you, like the professor, have an absolute right (daresay, obligation) to say “screw you”. Jack Philips the baker did it and the Supreme Court correctly agreed with him. The fascist Left is trying to do it to him again, and I hope it ends the same way, perhaps this time with awarding him attorney’s fees. If the fasdcist left can get away with forcing you to say/do the small and petty things, you can bet the next time it will be bigger and more important things. They will never be satisfied until they own you, lock stock and pronoun. This is the face of modern slavery. Don’t give it a nanometer.

          1. Modern slavery? Dramatic much? 🤣

            How someone wants to be addressed to me is not a big deal to me. I even had people to address me differently when i got married. Its normal for several different reasons. You just don’t like THIS reason.

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