Psaki Pressed on Biden’s School Reopening Plan With Only One Day per Week of in-Person Classes

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is being pressed on why President Joe Biden’s plan to reopen schools only includes a goal of one day per week of in-person instruction.

During her press briefing on Wednesday, Psaki was asked why Biden did not previously mention the goal would be one day per week of in-person classes.

“The president set a goal of re-opening the majority of schools within 100 days and when you asked what that meant, I answered the question,” she replied.

Psaki continued, “That is not the ceiling. That is the bar we’re trying to leap over and exceed.”

Watch her response below:

She stressed the president wants schools to stay reopened, students to be in the classroom five days a week, and parents and teachers to feel safe.

Another reporter asked Psaki why the administration set the bar at only 50% of schools open for one day per week.

“Certainly we are not planning to celebrate at a hundred days if we reach that goal. That is our own effort to set our own markings… set a bold and ambitious agenda for how we’re going to measure ourselves and progress,” she explained.

Psaki continued, “We certainly hope to build from that even at a hundred days.”

Watch more of her comments below:

The reporter noted for working parents one day per week is not enough.

Psaki reiterated it is where the administration would like to see a majority of schools be.

She noted it is different across school districts.

“Part of the reason that there’s funding in the American Rescue Plan is to ensure that school districts that don’t have the funding they need to ensure they are equipped to reopen, to meet that bar and exceed it are able to do exactly that,” Psaki said.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said during an interview on MSNBC Biden believes “teachers should be a priority on the vaccination list.”

“He believes that teachers should get their vaccines, but he’s listening to the science, and there are a number of important steps that we need to take to ensure that schools can open and open safely,” she said, adding, “Vaccines are one piece of it.”


  1. Bull. Xiden sides with the teachers and their unions because they’re all in the Dem’s pockets- 5 million votes! Let me ask why we taxpayers have paid half a billion dollars so far in salaries and benefits to teachers who refuse to work, preferring to harm children and parents and sitting on their big fat butts. Teachers/unions in Chicago say forcing them to actually work is racist (of course). In LA, they said they wouldn’t go back to work unless the LAPD was defunded (of course).
    STOP PAYING THESE PEOPLE WITH OUR TAXES! Do any you get paid for NOT working? STOP THE GRAVY TRAIN and see how long it takes for these crooks to go back to work full time for the children and their families.We desperately need school choice/school vouchers. Parents of all races and income levels support this 100%. Who blocks it! Teachers, their unions, the taxpayer-funded Public Education System. These people get $10,000-$20,000 per student per year and they don’t want to give it up to private, charter, trade/technical, and religious schools. ‘kids need to be in public school’. Bull. Public School HS graduates read at the third grade level and do first grade math-at least those who don’t drop out. And instead of the basics, kids are flooded with Marxist propaganda, sex education which pushes the radical LGBT agenda and abortion from Planned Parenthood, white shame, toxic masculinity, atheism, and sharing bathrooms, locker rooms and even SHOWERS with biological opposite sex persons. Don’t want this crapola? Go to School Board and Administration meetings where THEY decide what’s best for YOUR kids.
    Remember, Xiden sides with public schools and teachers. He’s written 52 mostly illegal Executive Orders in 3 weeks to erase Trump’s great legacy. Those are the actions of a dictator. He’s so demented that he’ll sign anything the radical leftists put in front of of him. This is what the Dems voted for over Trump’s ‘crude’ behavior: a thoroughly corrupt politician who’s enriched himself and his family through foreign ‘pay for play’ schemes for 47 years, a serial sHATexual assaulted with more than 18 women’s complaints, a HATdoddering old fool who can’t stand up to Putin or Xi or Kim Jong or Rouhani, a weakling who allows elitist crooks like Lurch to kill jobs and collude with China, a pedophile whose shameful grabbing and mauling of little girls (like Chris Coon’s daughter) captured on tape hundreds of times, and in his daughter’s diary where she refers to ‘inappropriate showers’ with Gropey Joe. THAT’S who the Dumbocraps wanted for President?

  2. Children in my district of PA are attending 2 days a week. And then 3 days online. Even the elementary school age miss the interaction with other students and teachers. And sadly the suicide rate is escalating among students under 18. No excuse for this except that the teachers’ unions have more influence than they should have.

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