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'Hang on': Reporter Pushes Back Against Graham's Afghanistan Prediction

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) stunned a reporter after suggesting the United States will send troops back to Afghanistan in the future.

During an interview with the BBC, Graham told host Stephen Sackur, “Whether you like Trump or not, whether you believe it’s Trump’s fault or Biden’s fault, here’s where we’re at as a world, the Taliban are not reformed, they’re not new.” 

He added, “They have a view of the world out of sync with modern times. They’re going to impose a lifestyle on the Afghan people that I think is going to make us all sick to our stomach.”

Graham explained, “They’re going to give safe haven to Al Qaeda who has ambitions to drive us out of the Mid East writ large and attack us because of our way of life. We will be going back into Afghanistan as we went back into Iraq and Syria.”

Sackur replied, “Hang on. You seriously think the United States will once again, in the foreseeable future, put troops back into Afghanistan?”

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Watch his comments below:

Graham argued, “We’ll have to. We’ll have to. Because the threat will be so large.”

The senator previously tore into President Joe Biden for his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, as IJR reported.

Do you think the U.S. will send troops back to Afghanistan?

“He should be impeached. This is dereliction of duty by the commander-in-chief. This makes it harder to fight future wars,” Graham said during an appearance on Fox News last month.

Graham also blasted Biden for suggesting the withdrawal was a success, saying it “scares the hell out of him.”

He added, “I think President Biden really believes this was successful. Joe Biden is a dangerous man when it comes to our national security and our economic well-being.”

Additionally, Graham said, “You really can’t believe a word he’s telling you. Let’s just look at what he’s telling us about our own national security. ‘The war is over.'”

He asked, “Well, if the war is over, why are we still using drones to kill terrorists in Afghanistan? I can assure you the war between radical Islam and the United States in Afghanistan is not over.”

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