Republican Senator Says Biden Is 'Spending Us Into Oblivion'


Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla) says President Joe Biden is “spending us into oblivion” with his infrastructure proposal.

CBS’s Anthony Mason noted on Thursday morning that Biden has proposed a more than $2 trillion infrastructure plan and Republicans have countered with a $500 billion proposal.

He asked Scott, “How does the president work with Republicans on this? Is there a way to work together on this?”

Mentioning Biden’s Wednesday night address to Congress, Scott replied, “I was at the speech last night and the president gives a nice talk about unity but then… there’s no unity. If unity for him is we Republicans just agree to spend and spend and spend.”

Scott argued Biden’s infrastructure bill has “little to do with infrastructure.”

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“Less than 10% of it has anything to do with roads, bridges, airports, and seaports. He is proposing spending money, I mean it’s unbelievable,” Scott added.

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The senator argued Biden is unwilling to talk about how he is going to pay for it.

Touching on Biden’s remarks about the minimum wage, Scott said, “I was surprised when he talked about the minimum wage it wasn’t a million bucks. Give everybody a million dollars a year and guarantee everybody will be rich.”

He added, “He is spending us into oblivion and bankrupting this country.”

During his speech, Biden called his American Jobs Plan “a once-in-a-generation investment in America itself.”

The president explained his plan “creates jobs to upgrade our transportation infrastructure. Jobs modernizing our roads, bridges, highways. Jobs building ports and airports, rail corridors, transit lines. It’s clean water.”

He claimed the plan “will help millions of people get back to their jobs and back to their careers.”

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Biden’s plan would raise the corporate tax to 28% to pay for it.

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