Royal Expert Says Palace Has a Plan to 'Fight Any Misinformation' About King Charles in Netflix Show


Buckingham Palace has a plan to defend King Charles against any “misinformation” about him in a Netflix show, according to a royal expert.

Fox News noted Netflix announced the streaming platform’s show “The Crown” will launch its fifth season on November 9.

The fifth season will reportedly take place across the 1990s when King Charles and Princess Diana separated.

“It is my understanding that the palace has devised a plan to fight any misinformation or fiction with facts,” Kinsey Schofield, a royal expert, told Fox News during an interview.

She explained, “Expect King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla’s friends to speak out on their behalf. Expect to see a push of any documentaries the pair have participated in to resurface. Expect a flood of King Charles books to hit shelves. There might even be… I can’t believe I’m saying this… fresh interviews with the couple. Something we never saw from the queen.”

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Schofield said the palace “wants to make ‘the truth’ more available and accessible than ever so if anyone begins to research their story beyond Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ they will find it instantly.”

She suggested viewers “might see a fresh pursuit to add a fiction warning to each episode of ‘The Crown.’ Netflix has already said they won’t do this, but the PR around a campaign like that highlights intentionally that this is a work of fiction.”

Still, Schofield is not sure the fifth season “will be a negative reflection on King Charles.”

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The royal expert pointed out “Dominic West is playing the then-prince and is somewhat of a friend to Charles.”

According to Schofield, “Dominic has volunteered for The Prince’s Trust charity for years. Additionally, one of Princess Diana’s closest friends quit working as a consultant on the show this season and asked that her name be removed from anything associated with ‘The Crown.’ She did not like the direction the show was doing with the Diana character. A lot of mystery surrounds Season 5 of ‘The Crown.’”

In December 2020, it was reported that Netflix rejected calls to add a disclaimer to the show saying it is a work of fiction.

“We have always presented The Crown as a drama — and we have every confidence our members understand it’s a work of fiction that’s broadly based on historical events,” Netflix said in a statement.

The statement continues, “As a result we have no plans — and see no need — to add a disclaimer.”

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