Rubio Asks MLB Commissioner if He Is Going To Maintain His Georgia Golf Club Membership

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is asking Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Rob Manfred if he plans to maintain his membership at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia after the league moved the 2021 All-Star Game from the state to protest the new election law.

In a letter Rubio penned to Manfred, he wrote, “I write to ask you whether you intend to maintain your membership at Augusta National Golf Club.  As you are well aware, the exclusive members-only club is located in the State of Georgia.”

The senator argued the decision will have a larger impact on several small and minority-owned businesses than the “new election law ever will.” Rubio claimed the move is one “that reeks of hypocrisy.”

He continued, “Will Major League Baseball now end its engagement with nations that do not hold elections at all like China and Cuba? Will you end your lucrative financial relationship with Tencent, a company with deep ties to the Communist Party and actively helps the Chinese Government hunt down and silence political dissidents?”

Read the letter below:

Touching on the probability of the league standing up to China, Rubio wrote he has no “expectation” it will happen.

“Taking the All-Star game out of Georgia is an easy way to signal virtues without significant financial fallout. But speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party would involve a significant loss of revenue and being closed out of a lucrative market,” Rubio added.

Taking aim at Manfred directly, Rubio said to cancel his membership would “require a personal sacrifice, as opposed to the woke corporate virtue signaling of moving the All Star Game from Atlanta.”

The league made the announcement on Friday.

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” Manfred said in a statement. “Fair access to voting continues to have our unwavering support.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is adamant the bill expands access to voting.

“I’m telling you the truth about this bill,” Kemp told WABE radio, “It expands access.”


  1. what the hey…. so it won’t be long and stacey will be asking for watermelon to be lawful to hand out at the voting booths…. were does it stop… water, watermelon, chitlins, chicken wings… ya just have to stop it all…. and for some reason biden thinks black folks don’t have enough brains to get a ID… and to carry it to the voting booth… why does biden not like blacks… don’t make sense.. do you think biden might be afraid of the BLM chicks… ???

  2. Water and food can still be handed out as long as the people handing it out are not wearing t-shirts, buttons, endorsing a political group or carrying political signs.
    Read the bill before spouting off the Democrat propaganda.
    What’s wrong with voter ID?
    My grandkids have had to have an ID to go into their school building since they were in Kindergarten.
    You need an ID to make payments or pick up an item out of layaway at Walmart.
    Don’t poor folks use layaway plans?

    And without the 2nd Admendment the others will be destroyed.
    Why do you think Democrats are going after your 2nd Amendment rights.
    You think they are showing stuff down our throats now, what are they going to do to us once they have taken away our 2nd Amendment.
    The 2nd Admendment was not written for hunting, it was written so WE THE PEOPLE, can fight back against a tyrannical government.

    Donna, all I can say is Bless your little heart.
    What do they have planned

  3. The new voting laws in Georgia are so bigoted it’s outrageous. Voter ID is fine, but moving voting stations and taking away ballot boxes is is horrible. Making it a crime for offering someone water who has waited in line for several hours is unconscionable. You republicans cry about gun rights but you don’t give a crap about voting rights when it comes to the poor and people of color. Shame on you!

    1. EVERYTHING you said has been debunked, ms UNINFORMED. “taking away ballot boxes”, they are limiting drop boxes for absentee ballots, BUT, absentee ballots can still be mailed in. “Making it a crime for offering someone water who has waited in line for several hours is unconscionable”, WRONG AGAIN, volunteer poll workers are STILL allowed to hand out water and snacks, as they have been in the past. I don’t know what’s WORSE, your lack of knowledge OR your use of hyperbole?

      “You republicans cry about gun rights but you don’t give a crap about voting rights when it comes to the poor and people of color”, you have YET to make ANY comment that backs up that piece of BS. ANY!

    2. hey donna… when exactly was it a voting right to have water while standing in line… and where exactly does it single out the poor and people of color…. are you saying you think its OK for a rich white woman to be handed a water bottle is OK and its not OK to hand a water bottle to and old black woman…. I’m not sure you have grasp the WHOLE situation… would you have been mad if you were standing in line and you saw white people handing out water to other white people and those white people were encouraged to vote for Trump… you do see the issue here or are you just being stupid…

    3. Are you misinformed or trying to look as stupid as joe Biden? The ballot boxes are drop off boxes that anyone can drop off as many ballots as a printer can run because they are unmanned. and people can give you water if your so damn dumb not to bring any. Just not no one who is running for office trying to influence people to vote for them. Look white people, Asian people, Mexican people, Cuban people, German people, European people, Russian people and all other races of people that are American citizens don’t have any problem getting to the polls to vote with a ID to prove who they are. But you want people to believe that black people can’t be like the rest of us and be responsible enough to get and id and go and vote. Is that what your wanting people to think? Well they don’t seem to have a problem doing the same thing if you giving them something free! Like food, housing, phones, drugs, medical, just to mention a few. I think they are just as capable as everyone else. I know the ones I know are. Quit trying to cheat good god. And quit trying to make the black people look mistreated and stupid. Their far from it.

  4. What is Manfred’s stance on the illegal entries on the south border? Oh that’s right, I am sure there are illegals in MLB