Rush Limbaugh's Widow Confirms Death Certificate Rumor


Rush Limbaugh, the late king of talk radio, had one final tweak for the left-wing media that hated him so much, and it’s something he just knew his fans would love.

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, the widow of the conservative talk radio legend, recently joined Glenn Beck’s radio show and confirmed the rumor that Rush wanted his death certificate to deliver one last jab at the media.

Beck asked Kathryn if the rumors about Rush’s death certificate were true. Did Rush’s final official document say that his occupation was “greatest radio host of all time”?

Kathryn laughed as she replied, “Yes. We have to be on brand at all times. … Another thing that we wanted to do and a way to tweak the media as a final goodbye from Rush, which we know he certainly would have loved.”

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Kathryn, a direct descendant of Founding Father John Adams and an event organizer by trade, met Rush in 2004 at a charity golf tournament. They reconnected shortly after Rush divorced his third wife, Marta Fitzgerald, that same year, The Sun reported.

Elton John famously performed at the couple’s 2010 wedding. When Beck asked about the flamboyant singer, Kathryn said he and Rush were very similar.

“This may be breaking news, but I believe that Sir Elton John and Rush are actually very, very similar. They had quite a similar demeanor off of their performance personality. I believe that they both were so hard-working, they both were at the top of their game, so to speak, they both loved their audience. … So in many respects, they were very similar,” she told Beck.

Kathryn has also spoken about how Rush would feel about the political climate today. On the first anniversary of Rush’s passing, Kathryn said that her late husband would have been disappointed with the state of the country.

“He would be upset with the United States not being as strong as it has been and should be. I know he would say it’s not time to panic,” she said in a February interview with Fox News.

“It’s never time to panic,” Kathryn felt Rush would say. “Folks, it’s never, ever going to be time to give up on our country. It’ll never be time to give up on the United States. It’ll never be time to give up on yourself.”

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Rush’s younger brother David also spoke for Rush upon the radio giant’s passing.

“I have no right to speak for Rush but I’m going to speak for him anyway to the extent of expressing my immense appreciation and awe at his fan’s (your) profound love for him,” David Limbaugh tweeted at the time.

“Thank you. I knew he was loved, but wow, it is even beyond what I thought. So grateful.”

Rush was also celebrated by his home state.

In May 2021, the Missouri Legislature passed a bill to celebrate “Rush Limbaugh Day” in his honor. The annual celebratory day was set for his birthday, Jan. 12.

Conservatives everywhere dearly miss hearing Rush’s sage advice and his expert analysis of the times in which we live. Those of us who were around to sit rapt at his every word when he was the reigning king of talk radio were the lucky ones.

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