US Senate to Pause Trump Impeachment Trial at End of Week for Sabbath

The U.S. Senate will pause former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial from Friday evening to Saturday evening this week to honor a request by a Trump attorney who observes the Jewish Sabbath, a spokesman for Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday.

“We respect their request and of course will accommodate it,” Schumer spokesman Justin Goodman said in a statement.

Trump attorney David Schoen sent a letter to Schumer and other top senators on Tuesday requesting impeachment proceedings be paused during the Sabbath, which lasts from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. 

The one-day delay raises questions about how long it will take to finish the trial, which is set to begin in the Senate on Tuesday. The Senate is not currently scheduled to be in session during the week of Feb. 15. 

While Democrats and Republicans have said they hope to resolve the impeachment trial quickly, President Joe Biden is simultaneously trying to win approval for his nominees in the Senate and trying to push a $1.9 trillion coronavirus economic relief package through Congress.

Discussions about the structure of the trial are ongoing, Goodman said on Sunday. 

Trump became the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice when the House of Representatives on Jan. 13 approved a charge that he incited an insurrection in a violent rampage in the Capitol a week earlier.

Trump’s lawyers and most Republican senators have challenged the constitutionality of the trial. They have said the Senate does not have the authority to hear the case because Trump has left office and cannot be removed.

A two-thirds majority of the 100-member Senate would have to support the charge to convict Trump, meaning 17 Republicans would need to join all 50 Democrats in backing it. 

(Reporting by Ted Hesson in Washington; Editing by Tim Ahmann and Lisa Shumaker)


  1. Congress promised me that they wouldn’t proceed on my Feb 15th birthday. Thank you Congress.

  2. After Trump survives the next witch trial, here is some food for thought:

    I just listened to most interesting idea from a Guest on Steve Bannon’s show. He is a Lawyer, moved from CA to Central FL, is MAGA and very involved in the past election.

    He suggested that Donald Trump should run for Congress in 2022 (he will win), then run for Speaker of the House (he would win).

    A soon as he is Speaker, he should impeach Biden (or Harris if she is already President). After all, Turnabout is fair play. That would basically shut down the last two years of the Presidency. Republicans are short 6 members in the House, and are expected to win a lot more seats in 2022.

    After Trump takes over and shuts down the Democrats, he can decide if he wants to run for president.

    1. That roadmap would assume that Trump is able to make long-term plans. He can’t, so it would never happen. Too many moving pieces for him.

        1. That’s pretty funny. No, that’s not a scary thought at all. I try not to be scared about things that aren’t real, and Trump has no chance at all at any elected office now.

          You really think someone with the ego that he has would stoop down to becoming a lowly Rep after holding the highest office? Beyond that, all he wants to do is play golf, watch TV, and eat cheeseburgers. You think he’d tolerate sitting around in the House chambers while other people talk for hours?

          If you’re hoping to see this come to pass, you might as well find something else to be wishful for.

          1. Still running scared I see. A little more to scare you is if he does not do it, any one of his kids could and would!

    2. “He is a Lawyer, moved from CA to Central FL, is MAGA and very involved in the past election.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

      Which is supposed to be what, an endorsement of some kind? On Steve Bannon’s show? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

      There are a LOT of caveats that would need to work out properly in President Who?’s favor for something even resembling what you posted to work out. First of all, you need to take into consideration that being a Congress member or, better yet, Speaker of the House, means that HE WOULD HAVE TO DO SOME REAL WORK! What on Earth makes you believe that he has ANY interest in doing ANY amount of work in Congress at HIS advanced age? He wouldn’t be able to get away with watching 8-12 hours of TV every day just to see if somebody said something nasty about him that bruised his gargantuan ego!

      Because some sychophantic LAWYER says so? How unbelievably gullible ARE you, Lying Paul The Emeffer?

      1. By your comment I see it is thought for you too Nannie. Totally possible it could happen!

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