'Shark Tank' Star Fires Back at Elizabeth Warren for Her Treatment of Billionaires


“Shark Tank” star and billionaire Mark Cuban blasted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for the way she treats billionaires.

During a conversation with Kara Swisher at Vox Media’s Code Conference in Los Angeles, Cuban discussed his willingness to be taxed more.

“I wrote a blog 20 years ago saying it’s the most patriotic thing you can do after military service, is pay your taxes because that’s what allows everybody to live and to prosper,” Cuban said.

He added, “But the idea of just ‘Soak the rich, billionaire tears, billionaire tears fill that cup’ — screw you, Elizabeth Warren, you’re everything wrong with politics.”

Watch his comments below:

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Cuban previously criticized Warren for demonizing the wealthy as well as her comments on taxing unrealized gains.

“I don’t think Elizabeth Warren knows at all what she’s talking about when she deals with this,” Cuban said last year.

He continued, “I think she just likes to demonize people that are wealthy and that’s fine.” 

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Warren later responded to his comments during an interview with MSNBC.

“Mark Cuban’s problem is not that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Mark Cuban’s problem is I know exactly what I’m talking about,” Warren said.

She added, “And what I’m talking about is Mark Cuban and his kind need to pay their taxes and we need to change the laws so they’re not written just by the lobbyists for Mark Cuban and his buddies.”

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In March, Warren doubled down on her call for billionaires to pay more taxes.

“When you make it big … let’s also ask that you pay a fair share in taxes. The 99% pay about 7.2% of their total wealth in taxes every year. That top one-tenth of 1% pays less than half as much. That’s not right. Make an investment so the next Elon Musk gets a chance to make it big as well,” she told CNBC.

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