'Squad' Member on Fourth of July Celebrations: 'Black People Still Aren't Free'


Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) did not join in on celebrating the Fourth of July on social media and instead claimed “Black people still aren’t free.”

She tweeted on Sunday, “When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people.”

Bush — a member of “the Squad” — added, “This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.”

Bush unseated Rep. William Lacy Clay in the Democratic primary for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District in 2020.

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“It is historic that this year of all years, we’re sending a Black, working-class single mother … all the way to the halls of Congress!” she said at the time.

Earlier this month, Bush called for reparations after Juneteenth was made a federal holiday.

“It’s Juneteenth AND reparations. It’s Juneteenth AND end police violence [and] the War on Drugs. It’s Juneteenth AND end housing [and] education apartheid. It’s Juneteenth AND teach the truth about white supremacy in our country. Black liberation in its totality must be prioritized,” she tweeted.

During a House Judiciary hearing on Tuesday, she slammed Republicans, saying they are “going out of their way” to suppress Black voters.

“Several Republican-controlled states have gone out of their way time and time and time and time again to suppress Black voters because they fear our power and our political vision for America,” Bush said.

She added, “They know what we stand for. That’s justice and our liberation in its totality. Some of my colleagues can sit here and use coded language about states’ rights and the federal government or we can call it what it is. This is a conversation about one party’s intent and their ongoing white supremacist attempts to suppress the power of Black, and brown, and indigenous and other marginalized voters.”

Other lawmakers wished Americans a happy Fourth of July and thanked service members for their sacrifice, as IJR reported.

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