Stacey Abrams on Potentially Being Biden’s VP Pick: ‘I’m Qualified and Ready’

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) has not been hesitant to say she would make a good running mate for former Vice President Joe Biden (D).

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes asked Abrams on Wednesday if she had the experience necessary, including that of crisis management and international affairs, to step in and take over for Biden if she were called to do that.

Abrams is leaving the decision up to Biden, but she is sure she is ready despite being questioned about her qualifications and capacity to do the job.

“I leave it to him to make his choice and I can’t decide which questions I’m going to get from fantastic journalists like yourself and others,” Abrams said.

She added, “My only obligation and my only opportunity is to be as forthright and clear as I can and that is to say yes I’m qualified and ready.”

Watch her comments below:

Abrams has been vocal about her willingness to be Biden’s running mate in the past, as IJR previously reported.

She said she thinks she would make an “excellent” running mate and would be “honored” to accept the position.

Abrams listed a few of the projects she has been working on as evidence she is qualified, including protecting elections, ensuring all Americans are included in the census, and providing food to food banks across three states.

She believes her answers to questions about her qualifications have been “mischaracterized.”

“I’m doing the work of service and I’m doing the work of trying to meet the needs that we have on a national level,” Abrams said. “When I get the question though I answer it and that has been I think mischaracterized as auditioning or pitching and what I’m trying to do is be as straight forward and direct as I can.”

Abrams also told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Wednesday that she has not “been pitching myself, which has been a mischaracterization, I think.”

Biden continues his search for a running mate. He has vowed to select a woman for the position.


  1. A ne’er be Governor of Georgia “qualified” to be VPOTUS based on her “experience in international affairs”? What? Was she once a truck mechanic at International Harvester? Don’t hold your breath wishing for a VP job with the Sleepy Creep. He’ll be gone from the scene soon.

  2. Conservative America which always elects the president and vice president is definitely not ready for any woman including Jesus’ mother and especially an African American woman to be vice president or president.

    1. BUT, she’s Black, a DemocRAT, female, a beggar/panderer and a political loser. She’d fit right in the Party’s mold.

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