Stacey Abrams Suggests ‘Republicans Do Not Know How to Win Without Voter Suppression’

Former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is responding to Republican efforts to create voting restrictions and overturn voter expansion measures. 

During her appearance on CNN on Monday, Abrams was asked if she sees these behaviors “ticking up again” and what she plans to do about it. 

“We’re going to do what we’ve been doing, which is we are going to work to mitigate voter suppression,” Abrams said.

She argued when voter suppression was “put on its heels” through the work of organizations, there were a record number of Americans who showed up to vote in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia.

“When we create access to the right to vote for eligible citizens, more people participate and Republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression as one of their tools,” Abrams said. 

She added, “That’s why we see True the Vote down here in Georgia challenging 364,000 voters… eight days before the election because voter suppression is their modus operandi. We as voters, as Americans, have to stand up to our state legislatures and say that the right to vote is sacred, it belongs to all of us.”

Watch her comments below:

Abrams was praised for helping President-elect Joe Biden win the state of Georgia, as IJR previously reported. 

The last time Georgia backed a Democratic president was in 1992. 

Forbes Magazine listed Abrams among the “most powerful women” of 2020 for her work to help register around 800,000 Georgia voters, as IJR previously reported. 

Georgia’s crucial Senate runoff election will be held on Jan. 5. 

President Donald Trump is expected to hold a rally in Dalton, Georgia for Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue the night before. 


  1. And Democrats can’t win elections without padding the voter roles. Try winning an election in Chicago without The Machine.

  2. AND democRATS do NOT KNOW how to win WITHOUT CHEATING and FRAUD!!! Someone needs to put this MonAss BACK in a cage!!!!

  3. Hmmm Dicker…you are a racist period. Don’t confuse your racist views with anything that contributes to an intelligent dialogue.

    1. Racism is a two way street. Why are you racist. What did other people do to you to make you that way

  4. The only contest Abrams could win is a watermelon seed spitting contest through the gap between her front teeth. She’s a putz

    1. That’s not how this works, Regina.

      By its very nature, fascism is an element of the extreme right. You can TRY to project fascism onto the left and mess with your friends, but not with me around. Others have TRIED to do that on IJR before, but they aren’t here anymore and they tried a lot harder than you ever will.

      1. There seems to be fascism elements from both left/right these days. Don’t be so confused all of the time

        1. dixter: no, that isn’t how this works.

          Grow up. Just because you don’t like a party that your grandpappy told you to hate doesn’t mean that they are bad or wrong. Just the same as there are not communists hiding under your bed. The world has moved on and it has left you behind.

          Eventually, you will learn that it isn’t always I who is the confused one around here.

          1. Oh, I see we have a new asshole who thinks that they can win an argument by being the last in line to say something REALLY STUPID! Welcome to IJR, dixter!

            If you don’t have something useful to add to a conversation, why bother admitting that you have nothing important to say?

  5. Stacey Abrams has been instrumental in bring in 85,000 new voters who didn’t vote in the general presidential election , ages 18 to 29. Most will vote Democrat. What have all you trump LOSERS done with your lives?? Lolol

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  8. Ok still think your the Governor of Georgia…so obviously you are delusional. Put the 2nd helping of pie down and go get your meds. She’s not only irritating but stupid.

  9. With all the charges of voter suppression, the democrats have yet to produce a single eligible citizen whose vote was suppressed.

  10. Sheesh! Stacey Abrams is narrow-minded, and appears to think only in terms of oppressed classes, and a ruling class to be overthrown by the oppressed classes. (In particular, she seems totally blind to the history of abuses that the oppressed classes engage in once they overthrow and begin to rule.)

  11. Why can’t the losers just go away and STF up, blah, blah voter suppression, I will not concede, Republican cheating. Give me a effin break.

    1. It’s true, though, John. You just don’t want to accept that the American Fascists can’t win without cheating or rigging the system.

  12. All that foreign money coming in. Biden’s buddies in China. How does anyone trust that clown Abrams? The Democrats have no issues with corruption at all.

      1. Unfortunately we will get to see what Obammy told everyone. Biden can phuk up anything you hand him.

        1. Oh, are you predicting the future, dixter? How interesting. Are you placing bets?

          Now, if you want to see a phucked up world, just look around you. That is mostly King Donald The Loser’s fault. He certainly didn’t make things any better, but he sure made things worse, unless you are rich or a racist asshole.

          1. You seem confused once again. Wake up your not in Kansas anymore. Put down that bowl of chitlins. Your breath smells

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