Sunny Hostin Exposes Her Double Standard on Boycotts in 20-Seconds


Liberals are hopping mad conservatives are finding success in their boycott efforts.

On Wednesday, the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” discussed Target’s decision to pull some LGBT-theme products following outrage from conservatives.

Sunny Hostin noted the outrage around the retailer’s decision to sell products from a designer that has produced apparel accused of featuring Satanic imagery — though Target is not offering those products.

“It’s such a manufactured controversy… I think it’s kind of despicable because we need good corporate citizens,” she said.

The co-host then pivoted from slamming conservative boycotts to touting a boycott effort driven by the Left that she supported:

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“We know that boycotts have been very effective, let’s say in North Carolina where you had the boycott because they had sort of a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ type of bill. That was like seven years ago. And it stopped Major [League] Baseball from being there. And yes people lost jobs, but they made the point.”

Finally, Hostin said, “I’m very disappointed that a chain like Target couldn’t stand their ground and instead put the LGBTQ+ community in the back of the bus.”

Watch the video below:

Incredible. In just 20 seconds, she exposed her double standard about boycotts: Liberals can boycott to support their views on LGBT issues, but if conservatives try to do the same then it is “despicable.”

Let’s remember who it was in recent years that started the boycott movements. Newsweek noted the efforts were “long seen as the purview of the political Left.”

It was the Left that started it. And liberals targeted companies and states. Recall in 2021 the boycott aimed at Georgia due to the over-the-top rhetoric about its voting law that resulted in the All-Star Game moving out of the state. A Georgia tourism official estimated the loss of the game cost the state over $100 million.

So according to Hostin, it is all fine and well when liberals cost businesses and states millions and millions of dollars.

But if conservatives say, “We do not want you pushing your liberal ideology and LGBT agenda on us,” and use their voices, then it is just awful.

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As the saying goes: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

For years the Left sought to punish entities for going against their beliefs. Apparently, they expected conservatives, who at the time tended to be pro-business and vehemently against cancel culture, to sit idly by while companies rolled over one after the other.

But liberals’ success, or perceived success, in their boycott efforts, opened the eyes of conservatives to a potentially powerful tool. And now, this may be the way life is for a while where both sides use boycotts to pressure states or companies to capitulate to their views.

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