Target Announces Closure of 9 Stores in Democrat Strongholds Due to 'Theft and Organized Retail Crime'


A major retailer has announced the closure of nine stores in four major American cities.

On Tuesday, CNBC reported that Target said it would be shuttering one store in New York City, two in Seattle, three in the San Francisco Bay Area, and three in Portland.

Target said the decision was made to close the stores due to the real threat of organized crime in those areas.

“We cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance,” Target said in a statement.

Target acknowledged the importance of its stores to many communities but said that safety must come first.

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“We know that our stores serve an important role in their communities, but we can only be successful if the working and shopping environment is safe for all,” the statement said.

The CNBC report states that Target had been taking steps to stop crime in stores, such as putting some merchandise in locked cases, hiring more security guards, and training staff on how to de-escalate a situation.

Despite all of these efforts, however, Target has been unable to withstand the rapid rise in crime in certain areas of the country.

“Despite our efforts, unfortunately, we continue to face fundamental challenges to operating these stores safely and successfully,” Target’s statement said.

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What the report fails to mention, however, is that the four cities in question — New York, San Fransisco, Portland, and Seattle — are left-wing cities notorious for their crime problems.

Anyone who has followed the news in recent years knows the problems that each of these cities has had with crime, thanks in large part to the insane “soft on crime” policies of their leaders.

If you were to ask Americans which four cities they thought would be on the list, I’m sure many, if not most, would guess these four.

Take San Fransisco for instance, where, despite being full of hippie liberals who would gladly do their shopping at Whole Foods, the retailer was forced to shut its flagship store downtown after only one year in operation.

Or look at Seattle, which gained notoriety both nationally and internationally after violent leftists seized an area of the city and declared it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

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The only thing that is surprising about this report is the fact that Chicago is not on this list.

After all, anyone who is familiar with recent events in the Windy City will know that Walmart was forced to shut many of its locations there due to the massive problems with crime in the city.

So now, because of their leaders’ failure to solve the issue of crime, millions of Americans will be denied access to affordable goods and services as Target moves out.

Looks like these so-called “compassionate” policies are not so compassionate to millions of law-abiding Americans.

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