Trans Female Golfer Speaks Out About 'Division' in Elite Sports


Mianne Bagger, a transgender female golfer from Denmark, shot back at critics suggesting she is a “hypocrite” over her support for what is known as the “Save Women’s Sport” bill. noted Bagger made history for competing at the Women’s Australian Open.

“There is a real impact of transition which does reduce strength and performance, although this does take a reasonable period of time,” Bagger told the outlet.

According to the outlet, Bagger supports the bill that seeks to amend the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989 and the Sex Discrimination Act 1984.

When asked why Bagger supports a bill that could have excluded the golfer from playing female sports, Bagger replied, “These days, [the dynamic] has crept into what’s called self ID or self identification: male-bodied people presenting as women, who live as women, with varying degrees of medical intervention and in some degrees, no medical intervention, which is just — it’s crossed the line, in my view, it really has … It’s a slap in the face to women.”

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Bagger explained it was “really important” to note “the difference between general society and sport, particularly really high-level sport.”

The athlete continued, “In every day society, of course we want an inclusive, egalitarian [society]. We want equality, lack of discrimination, and of course every single person should have equal access to life and services and work in society. Of course we all want that, and so do I.”

Bagger argued, in sport, “It’s different. Sport is about physical ability. It’s not just about discrimination, it’s not just about equality and equal access. It is a physical ability. Now, if you’ve got one group — males — that are on average stronger, taller, faster, as opposed to women, there has to be a divide. There has to be a division.”

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision to amend their trans-inclusion policy is “obviously utter rubbish,” according to Bagger.

“Anyone with any basic understanding on biology and the difference between men and women knows it’s ridiculous. It’s male puberty that really grants boys and men that physical performance in sport,” Bagger said.

Bagger acknowledged being “seen as a bit of hypocritical voice at the moment, so I just have to take the abuse and whatever criticism that is going to come my way, but my views actually haven’t changed.”

Concluding the comments, Bagger added, “And if people don’t like that, calling me a hypocrite, I’m like, well, bad luck. I’m sorry, but be reasonable.”

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