Trump Claims He Did Not Send Federal Agents Into Seattle Because ‘the Anarchists Were Exhausted’

President Donald Trump revealed the reason why he did not send additional federal forces into Seattle, amid protests breaking out across the nation calling for an end to racism and police brutality.

During his meeting with the National Association of Police Organization leadership, Trump claimed law enforcement has become the target of a “dangerous assault by the radical left.”

Trump accused “left wing extremists” of causing chaos in different cities including Portland and Seattle.

He noted he was going to send federal agents into Seattle, but chose not to as soon as he believed protesters began to back down.

“We were getting ready to go into Seattle. We would’ve solved that problem very quickly. When they heard that we were going in, they went in. And, by that time, the anarchists were exhausted and they just raised their hand. They were exhausted and tired and they had a lot of drugs, and a lot of alcohol and they just gave up,” Trump said.

Check out his comments below:

Trump’s comments come just days after the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday the Trump administration will be deploying additional federal agents to Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee, as IJR previously reported.

According to a statement released by Attorney General William Barr, Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee have all seen an increase in violent crime, specifically homicides.

While additional federal forces are being deployed to some cities, others are seeing agents withdraw.

According to Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D), Vice President Mike Pence has agreed to a “phased” end to the deployment of federal agents to Portland, as IJR previously reported.

In a series of tweets issued Wednesday, Trump said if additional agents had not been sent to Portland the city would have been “burned and beaten to the ground.”

Protests erupted across the nation after George Floyd, a Black man, died on May 25 in Minneapolis after policeman knelt on his neck for almost 9 minutes.


  1. Oh yeah he lost them on Valentine’s day, I used to ask that question when I played trivia with my residents on LI. Thank you for your writing you were sorry about my Mother and sister’s passing. Yes I want to die quickly too and I do not want anyone to have to take care of me. This nursing home I work at is wonderful, the staff and owner are so loving and kind to the residents. Pre virus there were so many activities, there is a gym, a huge living room for watching a huge tv, listening to and watching entertainers,
    they had gwtheringsxwhere residents got to have cakes, cookies, popcorn from a popcorn machine, their families visited all the time, often going into the sunrooms, there were excursions to restaurants and day trips, there is a child care center attached to the facility, children of the staff go there, but with the virus scare no children are there anymore, but when they were there they came upstairs to the nursing home and the assisted living facility on the hill to visit their “Grandfriends”, to see the joy the residents had seeing and playing with the 3 and 4 and 5 year olds was wonderful. But everything is gone now, it’s necessary to keep the residents healthy and safe, and to do that means they cannot be in groups, be close to family, etc. This is depressing too. Oh yes I want to make life beautiful, fun, loving for these residents and like I wrote I honestly love these people, like I did for the residents at the place I worked at on LI.
    different now. I wish the virus would go back to hell.

  2. Teddy Roosevelt lost his mother and his wife in the same night. He rode through city streets in the dark from one deathbed to the next. Tragedy has a rotten sense of humor. Sad to read about your mother and your sister. The end of life is a sad, disgusting farce for most of us, as it is for many nursing home residents; I’d rather die in an accident, or have my heart blow to pieces all of a sudden, as it did for my father in law. If you can be kind and caring to others at the time of their empty endings, it’s a very decent thing.

  3. Haha, man, I did not reread what I wrote and that message looks bad , especially at the bottom of it, they need an edit option here

  4. I agree Delbert the last remarks I made do look bad, I have that damn auto check spell, it decides what words I am typing, and often I just send things off, emails included without doubling checking how they look,mplus yesterday I was working off of maybe 2 good hours of sleep. I have a sad job working in a nursing home, when people die it is so depressing, I fall in love with these residents, to see them suffer is awful, it is heartbreaking to know at this period in time they cannot be with their families like they used to, they can only see them through a window, or an appt needs to be made to see them outside, but no physical contact, that is sad, but necessary. So sometimes, I just cannot sleep well. So you are right, my brain is collapsing, but I do the best I can. Add into this I lost my Mother and sister 4 months one week apart in 2016, I had to leave the home I lived in my whole life and leave all my fantastic neighbors and friends and then I found out that the other very small NURSING home I worked at on LI, NY was ravaged by the virus, not only did numerous residents die, but one of the chefs too, and prior to my leaving there a year ago June, to move to this state, 8 residents died, I loved all of them too, I have been around so much suffering andvdesth, I think I need a different kind of job, even though I truly adore the older people, even when they get crabby I still love them….so I think for all this I am actually doing okay and i definitely need to check what I write andvwhatvthatvstupidcspell check does, it is annoying, it will not allow me to write ill , it writes it as I’ll how idiotic, and other words it screws up too.

  5. If you read Vanessa’s screeds carefully, end to end, you will see the collapse of a woman’s brain.

  6. HP does that stand for Hates POTUS,or Hilary Passion, or Harry Potter, hmmm no matter, I think you have drank too much of the hate and propaganda Kool-Aid. Trump must be pretty smart to be so successful in so many areas and not to mention becoming president and as much as you hate to admit it, he is liked and admired by many many people. He tells is as it is, he attacks those who attack him, he certainly is no wimp, and on top of it this man from day one has been attacked by the uglies on the Left I cluding news outlets that HELLOOOOO are supposed to report on the news straightforward, not just give their hate fueled, anti Trump rhetoric. Why is it too difficult for them to report the actual news, not pick and choose stories and take snippets of speeches, convos etc, why not let us, the viewers see, hear read and we can form our own opinions ions. Journalism is a joke, it is not biased , hateful, full of anti crap and always has the news outlets personal views interspersed into the news, that is yellow journalism and so irresponsible. What a joke and how dishonorable it is today to be a journalist or reporter. Open your eyes and ears, see what is happening, the thought police are in full gear!

  7. Haha please saying Trump is cruel and has contempt for women, what a load of BS. You probably know very few men who like to talk about sex and say outrageous things because you do not hang out with many men, and your imaginary friends in your head do not count. I read what you wrote to Rita, I bet you pee pee in the stalls in public restrooms for fear you might see a bare weiner , or worse they will see your unclothed peewee. I doubt you ever had any convo with that man in bathroom, I would surmise that while you were pee peeing in the bathroom stall toilet and praying no one would accidentally get in there and see your micro weenie, you were making up that convo in your mind so that you could keep your mind away from thinking, “Why was I cursed with this little weiner?”
    Oh and guess what not all women despise men who flirt with them, compliment them or whistle in appreciation at them, though nowadays most men are terrified to do any of that since the brutish man hating feminuts have come out blasting men that that is sexual harassment , no it is not. And you better believe there are women who lie about men in power saying they harrassed them when those broads were willing participants. I think of the rather unappealing looking woman, who claimed Bill Oreilly harrassed her, uh that broad there engaged in phone sex with him, why he chose a woman who looked like her I do not know, but since when is mutual phone sex harassment. I heard the tape, she never said anything like “Mr Oreilly, please stop talking like that, it makes me uncomfortable.” Btw if Bill is reading this and is not currently married or seeing anyone get in touch with me, I am great at phone sex and Bill I find you attractive, I even had a dream of you years ago where I was sitting at a bar in a restaurant you walked in, sat by me, we spoke a little, you leaned in and we kissed and wow if you are as good a kisser as you were in the dream, call me.
    But man I would hate to be an uptight, anti sex, anti man woman, it sounds horrible.

  8. First haha to your humor Bob, and thank you for including me in that list.
    We need to pity these unfortunate souls who have been brainwashed and have had the media forcefeed them their views. Those awful “news” outlets, cnn and msnbc and equally awful biased newspapers like the NYTimes , Washington Post etc spew out so much biased and agenda driven “news”. And hollywood also uses brainwashing, the movies use so much anti Christian, anti Republican, anti Conservative blather that is is amazing these lost souls are ignorant to that fact. I would be embarrassed to find out I have been brainwashed. The two horrible news programs cnn and msnbc are 24 /7 anti Trump programming, they should just change their news names to We Hate Trump. Also they want a race war, they keep yammering out that all Republicans are racists, every white person’s family had slaves, all cops harass, beat and kill blacks, all cops are bad period. They applaud imbeciles who vandalize property, tear down statues, throw bricks at cops, as well as shoot laser lights into a few cops eyes. But they want a race war, they want racial division, how evil are they? Most people could not care less about skin color, but racists do and they are in both parties.
    Everyone knows if you work hard and persevere you can be successful in America, this crap that blacks are denied that puts it into everyone’s minds that it must be true, oh BS, one of the richest women in the world is black, Oprah, many many black people did the tight thing, studied hard, went on to higher education and became successful and wealthy. There are immigrants who come to the USA and they work hard, save money and they end up owning their own successful businesses, franchises, etc .
    And about the two sister nitwit “news” outlets, they go on about slavery in the USA that stopped more than 100 years ago, but they are mum about who kidnapped Africans and sold them to slave traders and uh that was other Africans, that’s pretty awful too and they do not ssy a word about slavery that is here, in our world, going on. My gosh don’t they care about that. Of course slavery was horrible and wrong here in the USA back then, but it no longer exists, but slavery is going on now.
    They go on about Trump’s supposed sexual indiscretions, yet there are innocent children in child porn, used as prostitutes, uhh sorry that is a million times worse than some horny guy. But notice they rarely to never go on and on about it to help those innocent children, they could get rid of it if they worked at it.
    Ahh the media sucks!

  9. Well, Rita, congratulations on a full life, and I hope your experience helps build a useful perspective on the world. That’s me, yes; I haven’t been in Denver since 1977, and I never visited “gentlemen’s clubs” there. Or anywhere else. Did see a strip show in an NCO club in Germany in ’72. It looked awfully mechanical. I found it weirdly alienating, like I was supposed to jump while somebody pulled my strings; it was not exciting at all. A guy behind me told me I was blocking his view, so I left. Some men, no matter how sexual they are, aren’t turned on by professional sex workers.

    So, anyway, when you’re in a strip joint, you’ll see the goofy side and some of the real ugliness of male sexuality on display, as they feel themselves get worked up by the display, or work hard to convince their buddies that they’re sexual wild men. You see it less in other venues. You don’t hear it in locker rooms, unless it’s school sports teams’ lockers, where boys work competitively on image-building. Grown up men don’t talk like that where other grown ups can hear them, unless maybe in a strip club, where they revert to anxious boyhood.

    Once at work in my old job, a salesman I hadn’t traded 50 words with stood next to me in the bathroom, where I was taking a piss, and he started his piss, and began talking to me about his wife, how she looked great but was a real pain in the ass, how she demanded the most expensive pots at Macys, and he couldn’t stand to pay attention to her half the time. He said this with a little grin on his face, kind of a challenging look, because he knew he sounded like an asshole, and I wasn’t his kind of man, and he liked that he was getting under my skin. He was making a quarter million annually selling financial products, and he was going to bug me while we both stood with our dicks out, and I couldn’t leave until I was done. While he talked about his private life with his beautiful young wife, whom he clearly didn’t respect. Another time, this guy walked into a portfolio manager’s office, and without a word farted, left, and closed the door. He enjoyed, at times, being a creep. Guess who he reminds me of.

    So, when I heard Trump talking to Billy Bush, a news reporter for Entertainment Tonight, disclosing all this adolescent sex stuff about himself, I thought, how weird. Why does any man talk this way to an utter stranger? (He didn’t know that Bush was wired with a live mike.) Why above all would a billionaire submit to this impulse, to show off in front of a nobody? I recognize a cruelty in him, contempt for everyone but especially women. I also recognize a smallness, the need to boast and make an impression, that overrides at times all his values and common sense. He seems like a little boy trying to keep an image up. I dislike that in men when I see it, and especially in a President.

    Anyhow, Rita, that’s some insights into how weird it gets with men, that don’t draw from nightclub life. The locker room at LA Fitness and other gyms I’ve used isn’t like a sexual fantasy camp. Guys generally don’t like getting naked while some big mouth stands nearby and goes bizzarro over his sex life.

  10. Well Delbert, having waited tables in a strip club when I was younger I can tell you that what Trump said is pretty mild compared to some of the things I have heard men say well talking to their friends… By the way, is that your picture beside your name? You look familiar… Have you ever been to Denver??? Dandy Dan’s or maybe Shotgun Willie’s??? LOL don’t worry I’ll figure it out sooner or later…

  11. Haha another great comeback. These ignoramuses just cannot open their eyes and ears to realize just what is going on with this politicized virus; the jacked up numbers and the anti Republican sentiment that two super crappy news outlets and a number of dirtbag newspapers are putting out there is unbelievable.
    I just read that now they are saying influenza cases are way down this year because of masks and social distancing and hand hygiene, uhh if that is true do tell how the freaking coronavirus numbers are so high. Are these jerks in the media for real? I had been wondering why there was no mention of the seasonal flu and low and behold I read that, it was reported by NBC, so it makes zero sense, if influenza numbers are down because of good health practices, how the hell are coronavirus numbers rising? These inbred fools in the media need to get their facts , or in their case, lies, straight.

  12. Hahaha Screwtape that taking pics for your collection remark cracked me up, tooo funny!

  13. First off I could care less about his comments, maybe you do not talk like that among other men, but men do that, I believe some do it as a bravado thing, others to blow off steam and I could not CARE less what men or women say in privacy who cares. If he actually raped women that would concern me. Why was he on The Phew? That is the worst show with a panel of extremely unattractive, inside and out, so called women. They are slobs who hmm talk about their sex lives and they are crude to boof and no I don’t watch that feces laden show, but I have seen clips. It too is a run of the mill liberal propaganda driven machine that is anti- Republican, anti-Christian, blah, blah, blah. And you must be in incredibly ignorant if you cannot see the obvious anti Republican force feeding the news outlets and newspapers espouse, cnn, msnbc, Washington Post, NyTimes, all suck, yellow journalism, picking and choosing which stories to report on and reporting them with their biases glaringly ,nakedly exposed to all who do not just sit there like “duh” taking everything in and not questioning anything that is said and/or written.

  14. No doubt there were drugs and alcohol present in abundance BUT the real trigger was visiting the home of Seattle’s mayor Derpkan. Notice how fast CHOP/CHAZ came down?

    It’s OK to destroy other peoples’ lives, businesses, neighborhoods but do not dare approach the mayor or city council

    Trump is also premature. The Seattle city council just voted to abolish the polish. Not defund. Abolish.

    Between that and closing prisons I imagine Seattle is going to do it’s best imitation of Chicago or any other Dim-controlled paradise.

  15. Having been in locker rooms, I’ve never heard anybody boast about being a sexual predator. If somebody did start talking to me, saying stuff like, “I can walk through their dressing room, and they’re there without their clothes. When you’re a star, they let you do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy”; were I was next to a man I hardly knew talking that kind of crap, I’d go get a locker on the other side of the room. I don’t know if he was being honest or not. He sure sounded like a creep, talking to Billy Bush, a reporter whom he’d only just met. When he was talking about how he could be dating his daughter if only etc., it wasn’t with Howard Stern; it was with the women of The View. I only bring up this dirt because you tried to find excuses for him, and they are all false, when you look at them hard. As false as every other line in your long reply, I’m sorry to say. There’s no reason for a reasonable person to believe that the major news outlets, government agencies, and every democrat or moderate republican is a lying conspirator in some plot to ruin Trump, seize power, and destroy people’s freedoms. When you look hard at all this stuff, and try to find the supporting facts, it’s not there.

    1. Why were you in a locker room? Handing out towels? Surreptitiously taking pics for your “collection”?

      Your “smack” anecdote wreaks of made-up shit.

    2. Vanessa you are 1000% correct. I am 76 and have heard that kind of language and much, much worse in locker rooms and bars. dickbert is nothing but a lying, deceiving, loud mouth asshole who would sell his mother to get another case of beer and watch another round of Captain Kangaroo in his mom’s basement. He has NO moral or ethical values and for damned sure is NOT a human being. He is an animal who attacks anyone who disagrees with him with facts. ALL democRATS/communists/fascists are that way and we will never be able to use facts on them because they already know everything. They are the biggest bunch of racists in this world.

  16. “The so called numbers of cases of VIRUS illnesses and deaths are reported on every day” Vanessa

    I apologize for being confusing.

    What I should have said is that the new system for collecting data is not reporting ALL of the data that the CDC used to release. The new system has some major glitches.

    Doctors need to know, for example, the daily availability of ICU beds, to make proper decisions. That is part of the data that the new system has not released since the new system started and that the CDC did make available.

    Again, I apologize for my confusion.

    1. No need for apologies. Just go away.

      Everyone here understands your inadequacies, not least of which is your unfortunate name.

      Confusion indeed. It’s not only your “handle” but also your favorite response. It says a lot about you. Also your lack of imagination, forethought, and thinking ability.

      That’s what happens when someone of limited intelligence acts like they have any.

    2. Where is all the factual data that isn’t being reported by abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, espn and many other left wing radical organizations. Why is it they only report lies and anything negative about President Trump. Where is all the factual reporting of the death rate (still going down) and the infection rate that even requires hospitalization (still going down) and the recovery rate of those infected (still going up). Why is it that all you want to do is scare people with lies and fake news so you can keep the country locked down to destroy America. I am a veteran and my term and oath of enlistment does not expire. I will defend America against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Your democRAT/communist/facist party is an enemy to America. So if you want a fight just keep it up and you will find a rifle shoved up your ass and the trigger pulled. You are a worthless weasel just like my adoptive father. He had the same name.

  17. Are you kidding? The so called numbers of cases of VIRUS illnesses and deaths are reported on every day, do you live in a bubble? The CDC has the numbers on their site too. Oh and hmm you want to write about not putting info out there, uhh where is the info on how many seasonal flu cases there have been this year and how many deaths. Every May or June there are reports of that, yet this year, nothing, hmmm. My oh my are they lumping those into the coronavirus stats?

    And it is the Chona Virus, it started there, those devilish government leaders in China knew they had a serious threat with that unknown virus, they knew back in probably November there were many, many cases of a bad virus, they knew it started, if it is the truth and it was not created in a lab there, but supposedly it started in their filthy open air markets that sell live and dead disease laden animals, but they did not shut down the markets, they still allow them, they did not ban travel out of China to curb the spread. If you want to place blame, place it where it belongs. The Chinese government is 100 % to blame. They obviously did not care about their citizenry getting sick and dying and could not had cared less if the rest of the world got infected either. They are dirtbags.

    And to reiterate the numbers released are not true numbers of deaths, they have been calling deaths caused by diseases as coronavirus deaths. Please realize that is what is going on and yes some deaths are caused by this virus, but not all. And where are the stats on the seasonal flu cases and deaths, hmmm every year over 60,000 people die from the seasonal flu and people sickened with it sometimes need to go on ventilators, ohh and about ventilators, they believe people on them are dying because those operating them are not properly adjusting the flow and amount of air being put into the sick people’s lungs, they are not properly trained.

  18. Hahaha oh yesssss baby , yes Delbert you are my fantasy lover. How did you guess?
    Uh in NY have the numbers down because people chose to stay away from each other and wear masks, Cuomo does not wield that power. Most people do that on their own they are not robots that need leaders to tell them what to do. And like I wrote that JERK there did and does nothing to lower the property taxes in NY, especially on LI ;so many people end up having to leave their beloved LI because they cannot afford to live there.

    President Trump called for states to quarantine, which most did, remember back in April to May, yet the virus started up again, pray tell how that happened. Oh wait the idiot protestors in the beginning were out there screaming , not wearing masks and standing very close to each other. I notice everyone was okay with that going on.
    And they are lying about how many people have died from corona, you can say that is not true, but it is. States and medical facilities get more money from covid19 deaths than from other deaths, and if you think there is not that kind of immoral greed going on you are delusional. People die of all kinds of diseases, disorders and accidents and some unscrupulous individuals lie and put the deaths down as covid19.
    And I would like to address the crap you wrote that Pres Trump said about having sex with his daughter, you do realize it was said, in jest ,on hmmm what show, oh yes the Howard Stern Show, way back when Howard had a free radio show, you do know that show’s central theme was for guests to be outrageous, yes. You must think like that slob nutjob Ashley Judd, if you do ,that is sad, that vacuous fruit loop there recited some gross poem about a father f -ing his own daughter and dedicated it to Trump, at the wo end march, how low and ugly can she get. I suggest you Google a video on YouTube of that dolt where she gets her granny panties in a stinky knot because at the aiport some man working there called her honey and complimented her outfit, you would had thought the man tore off her dress and raped her by her reaction, what a freaking doofus she is. And Trump’s grab them by the pussy sure seemed like locker room banter between two men who were talking in private not knowing a live mic was picking up the conversation, and uhh some men, and guess what ,some women say outrageous sexual things to people they know in private, things they would never say to others and they say it to be funny. After that remark was released on tape, hmm a bunch of unattractive, angry, democratic women came forward claiming Pres Trump grabbed them by the pussy, he probably thought they had roast beef sandwiches sequester in their panties., I could see that, the size and stench could confuse some people. And guess what some women lie, especially ones with agendas. Some want to get rid of certain men in power and have no problem lying that they were victims of sexual abuse. Look at the broad who went after that supreme court judge saying he raped her at some teenage pool party, haha yeah right. If that happened it is telling she only came forward with the allegations once she learned he was being nominated for Supreme Court Justice. And I loved when she said she put in double doors in her front room foyer because ohh she was al ost raped as a teen, uhh people like that double door look, but now i guess all of them were not installing double doors for looks, but because they too were almost raped as teens, who knew.
    And can we be real, every single Rep president has been the target of insults, and lies. All have been labeled as idiots, evil, cannot perform their job properly, hate the elderly , hate Blacks, are misogynists blah, blag blah. Even the vacuous, self centered fools in hollywood push that via their boring, redundant, unimaginative over priced movies. Oh and the media, cnn and msnbc and hollywood also love to make it out that all Dem presidents have been Angel’s, so moral, so good, haha yeah right. Please watch cnn and msnbc without having any feeling good or bad about the president, police and blacks and see how evil they are in their agenda driven news. Watch Fox in the same mindset and you will see at least they bring in opposing voices, they at least let the viewer choose who to listen to and believe

  19. “And dear as far as numbers go you might want to realize they have been lying about just who has died from the virus” Vanessa

    Why are you favoring a fascistic Dear Leader, dear, who is doing what he can to hide all Trump Virus numbers? He banned the CDC from releasing numbers and, now, His Royal Administration has not released ANY numbers for a whole week since the take-over.

    You tell me what is worse – a few questionable anecdotal stories by individuals or the whole administration hiding ALL numbers from us. Think hard, now. Take your time to get it right.

  20. Speaking as a dirty low life filthy pig, Vanessa, I’m impressed with the erotic detail you add to your denigrations of me… seems like I’m at the center of a hot & nasty fantasy! No matter. I’m married, and unlike our President, I don’t play around. But feel free to entertain your dark dreams.

    As for Gov. Cuomo, he’s certainly made mistakes, but last I looked, his state has COVID under control. Has, for a couple of months. Not like the rest of the country.

    As for Trump. There could have been an acknowledgement of the problem early on. Or even later on, after the damage was self-evident. There could have been a set of national standards, a national program for rapid-response countrywide testing, a lot could have been done. Instead, nearly nothing was done that leaned on the President’s leadership. He’s been wishing it would go away, promoting almost magical solutions (hydroxychloroquine, summer weather) that would make it vanish, trying to avoid the stain of being associated with this disease. He could have led; he ran, and found excuses in blaming other people, rioters, Democrats, medical experts like Fauci. I don’t know what’s going on in his brain. I would have thought that taking charge of this problem would have made him look bold and presidential, and would have increased his support. He thought the opposite, and I just can’t say why.

  21. Go down on your knees and worship your fake gods aka Democrats and hollywood celebs, ugh. I hate to break it to you plenty of people think Prez Trump is doing right by the country and we are not brainwashed by cnn, msnbc, the “stars” in the entertainment world, etc. How sad it must be to be led around by your nose by people like them, ewwww.

  22. Yeaaah right GC, Prez Trump left it up to each state pols, aka governors ,to decide how best to handle the virus, good ole Cuomo did it his way and it failed. And dear as far as numbers go you might want to realize they have been lying about just who has died from the virus, many who died died from the diseases they already had. I know of a person who told me a medic she knows has been told to label deaths as virus deaths when they are not, one such example, a person died of a heroin overdose and he was told to label it as corona.

  23. “ahhh what a great leader” Vanessa

    Yes, we have been saying the same thing sarcastically about King Donald The Loser for the last nearly 4 years, too.

    At least HE managed to kill waaay more through his utter incompetence than Cuomo ever did. Bigger is better, right?

  24. Oh I bet you think Cuomo is the Second Coming of Christ, yes? Ahhh Cuomo, typical democrap , let’s see orders up tens of millions of dollars worth of medical equipment to use in the fight against the virus, which were never used; has the huge ship come into and dock in NY Harbor and turns the Jacob Jabits Center into a makshift hospital and both are NEVER used; decrees that NY nursing homes need to allow recovering covid19 patients into their facilities allowing who knows how many frail elderly residents to get the virus and die; allows NY state, specifically NYC and LI to have the highest numbers of viruses and deaths; ahhh what a great leader. Add into the mix that Long Islanders pay the highest property taxes in the USA , maybe certain areas of CA pay more; the heating oil prices are outrageous, as is the price of gasoline; food is very expensive; utilities like water and electricity costs are through the roof, but ,yeah, what great leadership and the nitwit sitting there blathering away everyday while people were getting sick and dying, great guy. Oh and his not investigating if all deaths attributed to corona were and are in fact corona and not caused by cancers, heart disease, diabetes, etc, brilliant, just brilliant. And yesss they are attributing a lot of deaths to the virus when other diseases caused the deaths. You do know each state, each hospital gets more money if the death is from covid as opposed to other causes. Wake up!

  25. Dilbert you are a low life filthy pig. And hmm I wonder what things you have said in your life that were not very nice, oh wait, you are a perfect human being, you have never said anything bad, never did anything to be ashamed of, right? word.And some women like dirty talk, some women like sex, a loser like you who could not get laid by a street whore even if you hung a ten pound bag of coke around your genitals and had hundred dollars bill’s clutched in your greasy, sweaty smelly hand, yeah you should judge others…haha loooooser.
    Are you envious because you can’t and never had any good looking women to date? They avoid you like the plague.
    And old Joe there has been accused of sexual misdeeds with women too honey, do you conviently forget that, or is your brain as fried as biends from years of sniffing your own soiled undies.

  26. Screwoff,
    I imagine that Gropin’ Joe is happier in his basement hidey hole than is that old pussy grabber, the one with 14 sexual assaults behind him, the one who confessed on TV that he’d be banging his hot daughter if it weren’t for the DNA thing, that old friend of Jeffrey Epstein, the importer of fashion model Slavic sexy wives, yes, old Joe is a happier man than Donald, who sees the America that was once the crowning tribute to his tortured self-esteem now turning its back on him.

  27. Don’t anyone worry about the rioters in Portland or Seatlle. The locals will feed them, take them in, revive their spirits and send them back again. Not the local citizens mind you, the Government (cough) leaders and representatives.

  28. Now the Seattle City (Democratic) politicians are trying to disband the Seattle PD. Turn the whole damn city into a huge version of their failed “CHOP” experiment. THAT should breath new life into the anarchists…!?!?!

  29. Speaking of imitating his betters it complimentary that the Genital has started using “q.v.” and other of my techniques.

    I guess “aping” is something natural for those who want to take from others what they can’t earn on their own.

  30. To the lackwit Genital,
    It’s little wonder no actual brains made it into your little head. It’s all sensation and feeling. Scotty one-note and a dimwit to boot.

    Has it occurred to you that your accusations of “you’re confused” are tired? It shows no imagination or the ability to actually argue in support of your parroting MSM talking points. Are you Chris Cuomo?

    1. The only losers I see here are dickbert, hp, praja and confuction. These four worthless vermin are NEVER to be confused with human beings. Vanessa and Screwtape you are right on with your comments. It is to bad that the democRAT/communist/fascist members, like you and your kind confuction, have no way of understanding the truth because like the scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ, they have no brain.

  31. To Derpbert,
    Speaking of “getting weirder and less coherent” how’s Gropin’ Joe doing?

    Maybe if cancel culture eliminates the Dimocrats, they can call themselves the Backseat Drivers.

    1. speaking of wealthy real estate owners, how is whatshisname, the Vermont Commie doing with his three houses?

  32. Trump’s seat of the pants reaction to everything going on is getting weirder and less coherent. What a dumbass. His presidential leadership style resembles improvisational comedy, but without the funny parts. Exhausted, drugs and booze, not worth fighting ’em, go look at something else, citizens.

  33. Two lies in three words “ANARCHISTS were EXHAUSTED”. A new record for THE BIGGEST CON MAN OF THE CENTURY. CONNED and LIED and BRIBED his way thru life, college, avoiding military, making fake university, making rumor Obama was not born in USA, that he’s 1) an MD 2) a lawyer 3) a genius 4) stable. To his surprise, CONNED his way into POTUS. Had no idea why he did it, except for THE CON. HIS ONLY SKILL: CON.

    1. funny how you fail to address the destruction and violence wrought by these SWLLs. (spoiled white lying leftists).

      What the president says are just words. What about the acts of these rioting criminals?

  34. Hi, Screwtape! Good comment and right on. The only thing I would add is that I see a lot of overweight, obviously “unfit” people among the rioters (who claim to be protesting), as well as the thinner ones. And the wussies definitely work in warms because they’re too cowardly to stand alone — they know one good swift kick would do them in!!

    1. Don’t get me started on the grazing animals claiming to be Moms.

      Really? Who’s watching the kids and what kind of example are you setting?

      Less PG-rated…what the hell kind of person would breed with you? A turkey baster? Maybe the spindly-legged basement-dwellers who armor up and have sooooo much time to riot. Hmm. Wonder what that says about their parenting abilities, employability and good genes?

  35. Destroying things is easier than making things work or creating things.

    Yet the pasty members of Spoiled White Lying Leftists are hardly examples of fitness. Look at their spindly arms and legs. SWLL is a bunch of effete wussies. Note the call for vegan supplies by the unlamented CHAZ/CHOP.

    Search the interwebz for what happens one-on-one in any confrontations. No wonder they work in swarms. To quote the AK47 toting idiot (now deceased) in Austin, “Pussies”.

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