Trump: It Is 'Very Safe' to Hold Campaign Rallies Amid the Coronavirus


President Donald Trump is sharing how he thinks it is “very safe” to continue holding rallies.

“I think it’s very safe,” Trump told reporters on Monday when asked about holding rallies amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The president, sitting alongside Colombian President Dubuque Marquez at an Oval Office meeting, said, “Well this was set up a long time ago and others are,” noting his rally in North Carolina. He continued, “You could ask that to the Democrats because they’re having a lot of rallies.”

The president’s comments come just days after the government announced that the United States will begin screening travelers as well as producing more face masks and test kits. Vice President Mike Pence announced on Saturday that the administration is expanding travel restrictions from Iran and issuing a travel advisory for certain parts of South Korea and Italy.

Trump also previously said that he was considering closing the United States border with Mexico but noted, “This is not a border that seems to be much of a problem right now.”

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Seeking to reassure the nation, Trump told reporters on Monday, “Our country is doing very well, our professionals are really doing an incredible job. We are also working with other countries to help them.”

See his comments below:

Over the weekend, the president also responded to the first confirmed death in the United States, saying that there was “no reason to panic.” He added that additional cases are “likely.”

Trump referenced meetings previously set up with the pharmaceutical companies explaining that the focus will now shift from drug pricing to the coronavirus vaccine. He said he has asked the pharmaceutical companies to “accelerate” the development of a vaccine.

The Washington Post reports that the global death toll has passed 3,000 with 599 new cases confirmed in South Korea on Monday. In the United States, two deaths were reported over the weekend with New York confirming its first case Sunday evening as IJR has previously reported.

Trump is scheduled to headline a rally Monday evening in Charlotte, N.C.

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