PETA Mocked After Posting Illustration of Turkeys Preparing to Eat a Human


Twitter users went after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after the organization posted an unsettling illustration on Thanksgiving Day.

The illustration shows Turkeys preparing to eat a human.

“POV: The dinner tables turned and a family is gathering around your dead body to share why they’re thankful,” the group tweeted.

Critics were quick to fire back at the tweet.

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Media strategist Gabriella Hoffman wrote, “You should stop anthropomorphizing animals. Disney is not real life and we are higher than turkeys on the pecking order. Reality bites—sorry!”

Another user tweeted, “Gotta be honest … if a family of giant mutant turkeys wearing clothes killed me and had enough know how to cook me with a bunch of delicious side dishes I don’t even think I’d be mad. I’d be more impressed than anything. One thing’s for sure, whoever made this was on serious drugs.”

Did the group deserve the criticism?

One tweet argued, “The most deranged part of this is that they took the extra step of making the mom turkey pregnant.”

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The group’s website also features an article titled, “Turkey Farms Are Lying to You—Here’s Why You Should Celebrate ‘ThanksVegan.'”

The website explains, “Thanksgiving is problematic for a laundry list of reasons, including what’s typically served for dinner. If you think Thanksgiving requires killing animals, you’ve been lied to, friend.”

The article then goes on to list reasons including, “There’s no evidence that turkey flesh was served on the first Thanksgiving” and “‘Happy’ or ‘humanely raised’ turkeys are complete works of marketing fiction.”

Forty million whole turkeys are reportedly consumed in the United States during Thanksgiving.

A report from the Farm Bureau showed the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people this year has reached roughly $64.

The cost marks a $10.74 or 20% increase from the 2021 average of $53.31.

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