Voter at Town Hall Tells Trump He Is 'Handsome' but Reveals She Is Leaning Toward Voting for Biden


A once undecided voter is making headlines after complimenting President Donald Trump during his NBC News town hall on Thursday night, but his looks are not enough to win her vote.

“Good evening Mr. President. I have to say you have a great smile. He does. You’re so handsome when you smile,” Paulette Dale told Trump.

She explained to him she is the daughter of immigrants who fled eastern Europe due to religious persecution.

Dale noted surveys show most Americans and the majority of Republicans support the Dreamers program. She was referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals federal policy, otherwise known as DACA.

The program, implemented under former President Barack Obama, temporarily shields immigrants brought into the United States as children from deportation.

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Dale asked Trump if he is reelected will he cut the DACA program.

“We are going to take care of DACA. We’re going to take care of Dreamers. It’s working right now. We’re negotiating different aspects of immigration and immigration law,” Trump said.

He added, “We’ve built now over 400 miles of border wall, southern border. Mexico’s working very closely with us. We have the strongest border we’ve ever had. We want people to come into our country. They have to come in legally, but we are working very hard on the DACA program and you will be, I think, very happy over the course of the next year because I feel the same way as you do about it.”

Watch the exchange below:

Despite Dale’s admiration of Trump’s appearance, she confirmed to the Miami New Times she is leaning towards voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“I wish he would smile more and talk less,” she said of Trump.

Dale said the president “steps in it every time he opens his mouth.”

“I think the man has a nice smile. However, I’m not a fan,” she added.

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