Warren Criticizes Trump for Not Denouncing White Supremacist Groups During Debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is expressing her disappointment with President Donald Trump after he failed to explicitly denounce white supremacist and militia groups during Tuesday’s presidential debate.

According to Warren, Trump “demonstrated” why he should not be the president of the United States.

She noted when Trump was asked if he would condemn racism and white supremacy, specifically the right-wing Proud Boys group, he would not do so directly.

“That should do it for every person in this country. That is not the America that we want to be,” Warren said.

She added, “The America we want to be is an America that lifts up all of us, that creates opportunity for all of us.”

Watch her comments below:

Warren went on to slam Trump for what she believes is an effort to encourage voters to participate in voter suppression.

She insisted his refusal to decry white supremacy and encouragement of voter intimidation is evidence enough not to vote for him in November.

“In that sense, to me, really short debate. Two clips, right there, where Donald Trump made it clear that he cannot be trusted as leader of our nation,” Warren said.

Trump’s campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley was pressed on the president’s remarks surrounding the Proud Boys group, as IJR previously reported.

CNN’s John Berman asked Gidley what Trump meant when he said the Proud Boys should “stand by.”

Gidley responded, “He wants [Proud Boys] to get out of the way. He wants them to not do the things they say they want to do. This is a reprehensible group.”

He said Trump “absolutely” condemns the Proud Boys.

Gidley grew frustrated with Berman after he continued to press him on Trump’s remarks.

“John, when he was asked would he disavow them, would he condemn them, he said ‘sure’ three times in the one clip you just played. I don’t know how many other ways you want him to condemn these types of groups,” Gidley said.


  1. You are confusing King Donald The Loser with some other racist president, Ken.

    King Donald The Loser denied knowing anything about David Duke, during his first campaign, using exactly the same words as he did now. Go look that one up, so that you never forget that fact.

  2. Trump has been denouncing groups like the KKK since 2016.
    And incase you were not aware, the KKK was created by Southern Democrats after the Civil War.

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